Bakersfield College announced that its main campus will be closed as of 5:30 p.m. Thursday due to coronavirus concerns.

Its BC Southwest and Delano campuses closed on Wednesday.

All entrances to the Panorama campus will be closed, with the exception of the Haley Street entrance, which will remain open to staff only until noon Friday.

All classes and student services will be available virtually.

“As of today, not only are all of our classes and student support services online, but all of our employees are prepared to work remotely,” said President Sonya Christian in a news release. “The decision to close the physical campus was a natural evolution of moving all of our functions to the virtual world. Now, for the safety of our employees and students we are able to virtually shelter in place because of this epidemic without interrupting the core college mission of providing learning for our students.”

Faculty and staff who need to come to campus must call Campus Safety at 661-395-4554 or text 661-747-3808 before and after leaving to arrange for an escort. All employees entering the campus must have their BC Employee ID on them to be escorted.

The Renegade Pantry will be offering a drive-through service with limited hours during the physical closure. Upon arrival to campus, call 661-395-4841 and staff will bring the items to an individual.

To prepare for the closure, maintenance staff will sweep through each building, ensuring each facility is thoroughly sanitized.

Visit for continued COVID-19 updates.

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(5) comments


Thursday closure-- About a month or two too late. Fire the idiot who delayed the closure--Investigate fr criminal behavior. Who is THAT stupid to keep gathering going on when everybody is social isolating? What a lame-brain. Typical Beverly Hillbilly BAKERSFIELD'S FINEST MINDS. lOL. i'M ASHAMED TO LIVE IN THIS BACKWATER DUMP OF VOMIT TOWN. i JUST MIght pack up and leave... if you folks didnt need me so bad to keep you alert.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Please, go ahead and leave. We'll even start up a GoFundMe account for you...

If you hate this town so much, just STFU and leave... it's not hard...

Masked 2020

Gene Gene Gene.......your such persistent must be Donny's personal 'somebody'.... "could be somebody sitting on their bed" in their mother's garage....


What the heck does your comment even mean? Are you trying to gay bash? You and MrLostitall are real life characters right out of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. And don’t flatter yourselves, neither one of you are Jack’s character. Let me know if I need to explain this to either of you.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Triggered much Yuckies?

Only stating facts- MrLostitall (thanks Veritas) constantly bad-mouths our city/county. I'm just saying if he hates it so much, why not leave?

Since he is purportedly an MIT graduate and retired first responder, I'm sure he has the money and mental acumen to make this happen... LOL

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