PumpkinPatch 23

The Salcido family poses last year at Banducci's Family Pumpkin Patch. The fall establishement will be closed this year because what Banducci's said was COVID-19 restrictions on small businesses, in a Facebook post Monday.

Banducci’s Family Pumpkin Patch will not open this fall, according to a Monday Facebook post from Banducci’s.

The post said after nearly 30 years serving Bakersfield and Kern County, Banducci’s will be closed this fall “due to COVID-19 restrictions on small businesses.”

The post continued, “We are going to miss seeing all of our friends. We have loved having our farm be a tradition for your families and it breaks our heart to not be out there this year. Please know this wasn't an easy decision for us. Hopefully next year we can continue the tradition.”

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Masked 2020

Sorry Jenny.... couldn't resist..a compulsion....more memories of Banducci's Corner restaurant out on Weedpatch Highway

* ... BANDUCCI'S: More fond memories of the old Banducci's Corner restaurant. Said Mary Sams Durham: "I too have very fond memories of Banducci's and I remember having lunch with my daughter, Cyndi Blankenship, at Sinaloa when they were located in the Wool Grower's building. This was in the late 1950. Since we are going down 'Memory Lane' how many remember swimming in the old Lakeside pool? Many kids from the Arvin and Lamont areas were bused there to swim. I was one of those kids."

* ... MORE BANDUCCI'S: Norale Boyle wrote to say her favorite meal at Banducci's was ravioli, made from three different meats roasted for several days beforehand. "Wouldn't it be wonderful if someone still had the recipe?" And former Assemblyman Trice Harvey called to tell me he was a health inspector at the time, and that the owners of Banducci's asked him not to come during lunch because they didn't want to bother the customers.

Masked 2020

there you to be a Banducci’s Restaurant on old Edison highway and Morning Drive....my dad use to like to hang out there......he could do the Times crossword puzzle and have a drink....mama wasn't happy...I think highway 58 destroyed its business..all those folks just flew past it......

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