Dog dragging

An image from the Facebook account of Brandon Sanders shows Elaine Rosa, the woman charged with a felony count of animal cruelty for allegedly dragging a dog behind a scooter. 

A Bakersfield woman captured on video dragging a small dog behind an electric scooter was employed as a psychologist at a Delano prison, according to the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Elaine Rosa, 39, was a contracted psychologist at Kern Valley State Prison, beginning Jan. 3, 2018, CDCR officials said.

Her contract was terminated Jan. 7, 2019 — the day after the dog-dragging incident. 

Two local Facebook posts showed photos and video of Rosa riding a Bird electric scooter in downtown Bakersfield dragging a small dog behind it. Police investigated and are recommending a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge against Rosa.

The case is currently under submission at the District Attorney's office.

Police said Rosa is not the dog's owner. 

The dog, named Zebra, received medical treatment, and a medical plan was established with a veterinarian and the dog's legal owner to address its injuries, police said. The dog was allowed to remain in the custody of its owner. 

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Guy Lerouche

More careful reading shows she was hired in 2018 and let go in 2019

barbara meuleman-girga

I cannot believe her employer took immediate action and yet the local law enforcement lets this drag on. She gets a misdeamenor; how unfortunate our justice system is so screwed up. This dog did not deserve this, nor did the ones she worked on with her career field did not get real representation of a qualified person. Abuse is not OK....dogs, family, blah blah blah.


Her employer *was* local law enforcement, as she was a contractor for the prison. Interactions with police can be grounds for dismissal.


Maybe same should happen to her

Floyd Roberts

Hired Jan. 3, fired Jan. 7, Karma


Crazy. Takes one to know one.

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