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Bakersfield tops affordability list for minimum-wage earners

Job Fest 2016

Thousands attend the 2016 Job Fest Thursday at the Rabobank Convention Center in downtown Bakersfield.

A new report ranks Bakersfield as the country's most livable big city for people earning the minimum wage.

According to online moving-services marketplace, someone making $14 per hour would need to work only 52 hours and 24 minutes per month to afford a one-bedroom apartment in Bakersfield.

That rate of pay applies to workers at companies with 26 or more employees. The rate is lower — $13 per hour — at companies employing 25 or fewer workers.

The report gave the second-place ranking to Tucson, Ariz., where the minimum wage is $12.15 per hour. Third went to Fresno, which is a little more expensive than Bakersfield but pays the same minimum wage.

At the other end of the spectrum, Atlanta was reported to be the least affordable big city for minimum-wage earners. Someone there making the minimum of $7.25 per hour would have to work 177 hours in a month to afford a single-bedroom apartment, according to Wednesday's report by