A Bakersfield man shot and killed a dog because he was angry it killed a cat, according to court documents.

Angel Twiss Gomez, 22, is accused of firing multiple rounds last month at a pit bull in southwest Bakersfield, killing the animal, according to a probable cause declaration. Some of the bullets passed through a fence and struck a neighbor's house.

The shooting occurred in a backyard the morning of July 10 in the 3600 block of Squire Lane, and deputies called to the scene ordered everyone out of the residence for questioning, according to a search warrant.

A woman living in the house said, "Fricking Angel did it," the warrant states.

She said Gomez, who lives at the house, was mad at the pit bull because it killed a cat, according to the warrant. He shot the dog with a handgun then left for a court hearing, the woman said. Court records show he pleaded no contest that morning to a misdemeanor drunken driving charge.

Now he faces 16 felonies, including charges of cruelty to animals, recklessly discharging a firearm and possession of an assault rifle. Deputies say in the declaration Gomez is a documented gang member who has a spousal abuse conviction and is prohibited from owning firearms.

During a search of his room, deputies found two handguns and two rifles, the rifles equipped with pistol grips and detachable magazines, according to the declaration. Deputies also found "large amounts" of suspected methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana, and believe he planned to sell the drugs. 

The documents don't say whether Gomez or someone else owned the animals. 

Gomez has pleaded not guilty and is due in court Aug. 28. 

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Where is the justice for the poor cat ?? Clearly Mr. Gomez went a bit overboard if bullets struck a neighbor's house and he should answer for that, but how should he have reacted in the presence of a clear and present danger from the pit bull ? Should Mr. Gomez have called Animal Control and in hopes the pit bull would be arraigned on feline murder charges ?


DUDE, if you're going to shoot a dog for killing a cat, make sure your rounds don't hit someone's house! Oh yeah, and don't be a felon.
I wonder if they would have arrested the pit bull for murdering the cat. That's cruelty to animals. And where is the pit bulls owner? They have some culpability in this.


Oh HEYO NO! ANY HURT MY BABY ...I get mid-evil style on dat ***s!!

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