The Bakersfield Firefighters Historical Society will sign documentation Friday for the acceptance of the warehouse that will be the future home of the Bakersfield Firefighters Museum and Safety Center.

The acceptance ceremony will be held at 2 p.m. at the building's location, 1720 20th St., directly behind the Fox Theater. It will include a ribbon-cutting and presentations by local dignitaries.

According to previous Californian reporting, the museum will house and display historical Bakersfield Fire Department artifacts and equipment. It will include a fire safety center, a 9/11 education center, offices of the Bakersfield Firefighters Burn Foundation, a restaurant and event space.

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How many beds could you fit into this sucker? Could it not be a kind of "pocket" homeless shelter, or used for referrals to the bigger shelter? I don't remember voting for a sales tax to fund a fire engine museum.

She Dee

This is in the Downtown Business district. If it were in a commercial/manufacturing area, I'd agree with you 100%. It is a gift from the Fox. Guessing they needed a tax write off? I always thought they were going to use that lot for parking. Hmm. It's also on the Parade Route. Hmm again.


Where's the funding coming from, the sales tax increase? I thought that increase was to be used for more cops. How many new recruits have started training? Looks to me that city is more interested in supporting the homeless, some of which are in that situation by their own choice.

She Dee

It certainly looks good on paper & if it will get rid of that awful eyesore that's been there for so many years, I'd say it's a step in the right direction for that part of town!


that would be a neat outing for schoolkids.....nothing like a class trip to a firehouse..

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