Anna Laven

Anna Laven

The newly reorganized Bakersfield-Kern Regional Homeless Collaborative has appointed Bakersfield College administrator Anna Laven as the first executive director of the organization.

Previously, the Kern County Homeless Collaborative had existed as a volunteer organization comprised of local experts and municipal leaders. Due to the increase in homelessness, Kern County and Bakersfield officials rebranded and updated the Homeless Collaborative last year.

Laven, as the executive director, will oversee a small staff meant to guide both the city and the county’s homelessness efforts.

Laven’s LinkedIn profile says she is the AB 540 program manager at BC. She has worked for the college for three years, beginning as the dual enrollment program manager.

In a news release sent out Wednesday afternoon, the Homeless Collaborative said Laven managed grant funding and developed a program focused on the recruitment and success of disadvantaged students while at BC.

The dual enrollment program had an annual enrollment of 10,000 across 30 school sites, the Homeless Collaborative said.

The nine executive board members of the Homeless Collaborative unanimously selected Laven.

Laven will be responsible for the Homeless Collaborative’s ultimate goal of ending homelessness in Kern County.

The new version of the Homeless Collaborative was formed in October 2019. It is composed of representatives of the city of Bakersfield and Kern County, as well as local homeless service providers.

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Bingo ...good choice ........cut copy paste.....DISTRICT 3

Anna Laven

Ana Vigil has been a Democrat since she could vote.

As a child, she attended Service Employees International Union meetings with her dad, whom she credits for her community involvement and advocacy.

During high school she was vice president of her senior student body council. She attended City College of San Francisco, where she studied early childhood development.

Ana currently works with Kern County’s homeless population assisting them with SSI/SSDI (Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance) benefits and she helps those

struggling to find permanent housing.

She was chair of the local Homeless Outreach Committee (of the current County Homeless Collaborative) for about eight years. For

the past decade, she has volunteered for the Bakersfield Ronald McDonald House raising more than $1,500 a year as a team captain.

Ana is vice president of the Democratic Women of Kern. She has canvassed and volunteered for the campaigns of Grace Vallejo, Willie Rivera, Rudy Salas, Emilio Huerta and TJ Cox.

Ana is the first to step up — whether the cause is big or small—and she does so with her whole heart. She inspires many with her infectious spirit and can-do attitude. She is married and a proud mom to Eliseo.


Ok so what was the hiring process. Where were the applications available and job announcements? If posted in County and City with other employment announces, fine.

So this lady basically chaired a committee that failed for 8 YEARS working with homeless and was at the forefront of the problem watching in the front row as the problem—her specialty—exploded out of control. Hmm. Yeah. That fact is very promising for her new position.

Sooo now she gets the BIG salary job and her ‘small staff’ will be paid well too. We’re those staff jobs posted for everyday folks to apply? Or gifts to the County n City folks that gave her the job?? Watch the staff ballon in size. Faaasaast. And the plum jobs distributed to those with “ins”. The administration costs will soar and the $ meant for the homeless will get diverted—par for the course.

All the political volunteering should never factor into an appointment. Vice Prez of Dem Women. Uh. Yeah. All that rubbishy “qualifies” her. How about hiring somebody who has aggressively fought homelessness and ACCOMPLISHED measurable successes in that fight. Statewide search. Posted. Oh. Nah. We’ll take the proven 8 year failure. Yup. We love it. Absolutely looooove it. And that’s how this tragedy of agony and despair careens out of control.


Fantastic Choice! Good things happen to good people.

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