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In this file photo, Bakersfield City Manager Alan Tandy speaks about the city's sales tax at the 2017 State of the City Forum.

Longtime Bakersfield City Manager Alan Tandy has announced his intention to retire on or around Dec. 1 of this year.

In an email to city staff members sent out Tuesday, Tandy said he had been working as the city manager in Bakersfield for the last 27 years and has been in the city manager profession for the last 46 years.

"I've enjoyed working here a great deal," Tandy said in a phone interview. "I've been fortunate to have progressive, forward-thinking City Council members to work for."

He said the decision was somewhat difficult, but came at a time when many important city projects had come to a conclusion.

“I have had a deep commitment to being certain that the Thomas Road Improvement Program is brought to completion,” he said in the email, referring to the $1.4 billion roads project that has streamlined many city interchanges. “I have also wanted to be able to leave the City in sound financial health. With the passage of the Public Safety and Vital Services Measure and the upcoming budget adoption scheduled for late June that goal is also assured.”

Tandy thanked both the city council and the staff in the email.

He said he and his wife will continue to live in Bakersfield and plan to be active in the community.

Although Tandy said he could potentially take up a part-time project at some point in the future, he didn't have any immediate plans.

"I plan to improve my pickleball game," he said.

The City Council will be responsible for appointing a new city manager. Tandy said the council hasn't had a chance to discuss next steps yet, but he planned to send them information on how to fill the job soon.

“This isn’t even the beginning stages,” said City Councilmember Chris Parlier, who serves as vice-mayor. “This is the pre-stages to the beginning, before we start making a plan on such an important action.”

He said that Tandy had done the city a favor by giving them six months notice.

“It will be a loss to the city of Bakersfield,” he said, “but I wish him all the best in his retirement, and it’s well-deserved.”

First hired in 1992, Tandy has been an integral part of many city projects, including the construction of what is now the Marriott hotel downtown and Rabobank Arena and Convention Center.

“Alan was a builder. He would get on a project and he would see it through,” said former City Council member Mark Salvaggio, who was a part of the council that hired Tandy.

He said he worked well with Tandy over the years.

“City Managers are like major league baseball managers,” Salvaggio said. “They often don’t last very long. But I’m pleased that he’s stayed so long. And his announcement to the council and mayor was vintage Alan Tandy, first class.”

Bakersfield Karen Goh, also had kind words for Tandy.

"Mr. Tandy has had tremendous influence on the quality of life of Bakersfield throughout the years," she said. "Our community certainly is a better place because of his determined leadership to improve our city."

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Wait a minute, did ‘thatryguy’ just try to tell someone to get more educated by saying that she was ‘diluted’ and then say something about how dumb people are?! [wink] The word you’re looking for, genius, is ‘deluded’

Jerry Todd

In many ways he did a good job guiding the city's growth. God help you if you got on his wrong side when offering drought solutions that would save money, water and energy. Oh well. Get that Pickleball game up.


Can't deny that. He did it all by lying, and weaseling, but what're ya gonna do.


Well he can thank Andre for sneaking in the 1% sales tax making him a hero , He would have walked this year itjer way I predicted during my campaign , Shamed or not , gel be back to try to put his name on the wasted TRiP projects , His amazing 4 must have a new leader now , No brown act for him anymore


Wow must be nice to be so affluent you'll never have to live near the crappy areas of town you must have ignored trying to help. Blinders and such


Hopefully there will be full transparency on the hiring of his successor!!?? Interesting he is retiring just prior to the recap of the city's 2020 plan debacle. I guess he dodges that bullet. I wonder if he has to give up his get out of jail free card? (his special treatment DUI arrest that he skated on) Too bad we have to wait until December, I think two weeks notice would be plenty of time. Merry Christmas Bakersfield.


Go figure.....he secured his lifetime pension through the 1% sales tax increase, now he's out of here.......Haha.......Just think of all the people that supported him and his sales tax increase, Suckers!!!!!!!

Patricia Edna

You must be new around here. Those of us who voted for it did so to support our police and fire departments, and the growth of the city. We knew exactly what we were voting for. Maybe you don’t educate yourself before voting, but many others do.


Patricia. You sweet, sweet soul. I understand what you THINK you voted for, but if you're diluted enough to think that money is going to public safety, then sadly, you are the one in need of education.

Patricia Edna

Diluted? I think you mean deluded. What was that you were saying about education again?


Exactly. I love the giving nature of the people in this city, but I'll be damned if most of them aren't the dumbest people breathing air.

Gary Crabtree

This would be an ideal time to change from a city manager to city council form of government. Our city is now too large for one single person to manage. Our infrastructure is years behind the growth and we need more revenue to cure it or adopt a no growth policy.

Patricia Edna

No growth is fine with me. Too many LA people infesting our city


Patricia - whats wrong with LA people? Infesting? geez.

Patricia Edna

I’d prefer to keep their voting record for incompetent democrats and their penchant for typhus and typhoid fever, as far away from here as possible.


I'm an LA transplant and I bet if you met me we'd be friends :)


Man! Some good comments today! 100% spot on, Gary.


THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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