Bakersfield Christian High School is welcoming back its first group of students back on campus. Softball coach Jody Russell checks BCHS student Dylan Prather's temperature before allowing him on campus.

Bakersfield Christian High School may have to push back the first day of school due to Kern County landing on the state's watch list from increasing COVID-19 cases, according to a news release.

BCHS was set to begin the school year Aug. 13. However, if Kern County remains on the state's watch list, the school will delay the start of school until Aug. 24.

Recently, Gov. Gavin Newsom indicated that all schools located inside counties which fell short of certain COVID-19 requirements wouldn't be allowed to hold on-campus classes, according to a news release. He extended the mandate to include all private and public schools.

"BCHS remains committed to offering on-campus education for our students this year," a news release stated. "However, we continue to abide by government regulations and work closely with the Kern County Department of Health to make appropriate decisions for our school."

If by Aug. 24 the school cannot hold classes on campus, BCHS will move to remote digital learning. If school begins Aug. 24, the school year will extend beyond Memorial Day.

"Once we return to on-campus education, our students/families will have the opportunity to select their preferred mode of educational delivery, either on-campus or remote digital," the news release stated. "We realize that this is a personal decision for each student/family and is greatly shaped by the happenings surrounding COVID-19."

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