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This snapshot of satellite imagery shows smoke over the state of California on Wednesday. The locations of key fires are marked. Kern County is in close proximity to the Holy Fire in Orange County, Ferguson Fire and Donnell Fire. On the left in the photo are white marine clouds, not smoke. 

More smoke could soon be coming our way from the Holy Fire in Orange County, which had burned more than 4,000 acres as of Wednesday afternoon.

Although dependent upon the winds and how they may shift, the smoke on its current trajectory seems to be on its way to Kern County.

"There’s definitely a potential. There’s a lot of smoke from that fire and it’s all blowing northeasterly," said Cassandra Melching, an outreach and communication representative for the San Joaquin Valley Air District.

Melching said there are currently three fires in proximity to the valley. With a red flag warning for fire risk in Los Angeles County, any additional fires that spark can have an impact on local air quality.

"If that smoke becomes high enough, it could very well go over the mountains and come into Kern County," Melching said. 

The Mojave Air Quality Management District, which covers the region southeast of Kern County including Victorville and Barstow, issued an air quality advisory yesterday morning as smoke from the Holy Fire moved up through the Riverside and San Bernardino counties, combining with smoke from Northern California fires. 

Looking at wind trajectories, Ryan Orr, who conducts community relations for the Mojave air district, said it appears the Holy Fire smoke will blow into the Tehachapi area and into Bakersfield.

A wildfire smoke health advisory also came from the Eastern Kern Air Pollution Control District Wednesday afternoon urging people in the district from Kernville down to Rosamond to stay indoors.

These types of alerts have been popping up all over as satellite imagery shows smoke hovering across state. Melching said this is from winds changing trajectories in the morning and evening, spreading smoke throughout California and beyond. 

The San Joaquin air district recommends people stay updated on air conditions by using the Valley Air app or going to

Editor's note: This report was updated 9 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 9 to correct the name Ryan Orr of the Mojave Air Quality Management District. 

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