The man Mexican authorities arrested Friday in connection with the homicide of Jose Arredondo was a longtime friend of the local businessman and philanthropist who was killed at his home in Baja California, an attorney working for Arredondo's family said Tuesday.

"They were friends for quite some time," Bakersfield lawyer David Torres said in a phone interview. "From time to time they were golfing buddies as well."

Mexican authorities say the suspect, Roberto Guadalupe Gonzalez Martinez (some reports spell his last name Martines), was accompanied by "other people" when he arrived at Arredondo's house and repeatedly hit him, causing injuries that led to Arredondo's death.

Torres, saying he wanted to preserve the integrity of the homicide investigation, declined to address a question about Mexican authorities' assertion that others were present at Arredondo's home on the day of his death.

Mexican news media have reported Martinez went missing July 20, and soon after that, his daughter said the family had been contacted by kidnappers demanding $50,000.

But the news service BCS Noticias said Martinez was arrested Saturday and that it was believed he had orchestrated the alleged kidnapping.

Martinez's daughter, Canadian resident Isabella Gonzalez, was quoted by BCS Noticias as saying her father has been falsely accused.

"The Mexican news media accuse my father of 'faking his kidnapping to extort from his own family' and they present the 'assassin' as his best friend," she said, according to BCS Noticias. "I am publishing this begging you, if you see any negative comment that carries this connotation, please try to remove it … and don't be influenced by these false reports."

Martinez was arrested Saturday and, following judicial proceedings Sunday, held in custody.

Arredondo, who was 60 at the time of his death, reportedly died from blunt force trauma. People close to him have said he also suffered stab wounds.

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I reroofed his body shop around 2011... I've heard lots of rumors about him and his rise to the top... Sounds like a good movie getting ready to come out ! Prayers out to his family going through the pain.


Where's 'Jesse Stone" (Tom Selleck) when ya really need 'im . . . ?


I don't know if Arredondo was a US citizen, if he was maybe the FBI could get involved in the investigation ? Tight might eliminate some of the "funny stuff" Mexican authorities are famous for.

Fram Smith


There appears to be many missing pieces to this jigsaw puzzle. And how honest and truthful will the government officials in Mexico be , who are investigating this murder ; well , let's just say that there is a healthy suspension about the validity of the " facts " that will be divulged by said investigation. One of many problems of living in a country with systemic and intrinsic corrupt , is that the results of any investigation are subject to questions of legitimacy. And many people will view any information coming from an investigation of Jose's death with suspicion. If the folks at the Californian could continue their investigation to get at the truth , we might get a better insight into the reasons behind Jose's death.


Perhaps when Mr. Martinez disappeared and no one could come up with $50,000, he was escorted to the condo in Cabo and set up for this horrific murder in lieu of cash. I'm not sure his daughter in Canada is still safe now that her location has been outed. Very deep and complicated!


He comes here to America as a kid and hit's a lick, why go back to the place that you ran away from ? Money can't buy protection south of the border. !

So many lies from them people, murders go unsolved in Mexico a high percentage of the time, it is funny how they pulled a rabbit out of a hat this time.


rabbit out of the hat, exactly. high profile case gets immediate suspect...not suspicious, at all.


The murder solve rate in America is only 60% In the 60s it was 90%

In Mexico the solve rate is about 10%

In Chicago it's about 20%

Meanwhile, here in beautiful Kern County, we are for the second year in a row, by leaps and bounds, the most murderous county in California. Dont ever forget, were number one in something.


Maybe an argument over golf handicaps, but unless there’s video it’s just a he said she said thing.


Doesn't add up. Something is amiss. I know a lot talk so highly of the murdered man. Something isn't ringing right.


Way more to this story folks...way more!!!


I've waited a week to post this until there was some verification of the information. A week ago a prominent Bakersfield businessman and a member of the LGBT community told me and a group of friends, "the murder was committed by a friend and was the results of a lovers spat".


Now this has been my suspicion all along. I remember all the rumors about Jose quietly hanging with the gay community in Bakersfield. Following Mark Ponder’s death there was a lot of talk about a connection between the two. Interesting to see someone else discuss this aspect.


To die at the hands of a friend....just horrible.


I removed his body shop around 2011. I heard all of the crazy rumors about his rise to the top and all of the suspicious and violent activities around his circle.. sounds like the making of a good movie! Just feel bad for his family that is going through this pain


Re-roofed his body shop

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