Anakin has a home.

The Kern County Animal Services agency confirmed Monday that the dog once thought to have been abandoned near Lake Ming Road last week has been adopted.

Richard McDonald adopted the 2-year-old black lab mix as a Valentine's Day gift for his wife, Patty McDowell — and to fill the place in their hearts previously occupied by Lady, their shepherd-collie mix, who died of cancer a year ago.

Patty had been looking for a dog "with a story" who deserved to be adopted, McDonald said.

"They'd been following the story of the dog with the bloody paws that was injured by the woman who towed it along behind the scooter," Animal Services director Nick Cullen said.

But that dog wasn't available for adoption.

Then they heard the story of Anakin.

They'll pick up Anakin on Tuesday, after the dog is neutered.

"I don't think Patty will sleep tonight," McDonald said. "She is so excited."

The dog they pick up might not be named Anakin for long, though.

"My wife is a huge Detroit Tigers fan," McDonald said. "Michigan State, Detroit Lions. She is from Michigan. So the dog might be named 'Tiger.' But we'll have to see."

Whatever its name, this is the dog's story: On Feb. 6, a Bakersfield man posted a video of Danny Powell supposedly dumping a dog near Lake Ming Road and the video circulated widely on social media.

But Powell, later contacted by Animal Services officials, said he was not the owner of the black pup; he had simply fed the dog, which then continued to follow him. Animal Control officials who spoke with Powell said they were inclined to believe him.

The man who posted the video, Stephen Sage Silver, later admitted that he only saw the dog and Powell walking outside by the trail area. Silver says he has also removed the cell phone video he posted on his Facebook page.

Silver's video depicted a man walking toward his vehicle and forcefully shoving a dog away as the dog was attempting to follow him. The man then got into the vehicle and drove off, with the dog running alongside.

Silver reported the incident, providing the video he took as well as the license plate number and suspected make and model of the car. An Animal Services officer brought the dog to the shelter.

Anakin, named for the "Star Wars" character by Animal Services workers, was adopted at 10 a.m. sharp, at precisely the moment the dog first became available.

"Every time my wife saw a dog story, she wanted it," McDonald said. "She's ready."

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I believe the dog belonged to the man. If it was a stray why would he feed it but make no effort to take it to Animal Services or at least call to report the dog running loose? I know Animal Services believed him but I don't. They let this guy off the hook. Got the dog, it was adopted, case closed as far as they are concerned.


Stephen Sage Silver is a hero. Have a happy life Tiger~


I love happy endings. Bless the man who took the photos.

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