In this July file photo, construction continues at the Amazon "fulfillment center" along Merle Haggard Drive.

Management-level hiring has begun at Amazon's large new distribution center near Meadows Field Airport as the company prepares to launch local operations in spring or summer of 2020.

The e-commerce giant has posted at least half a dozen Bakersfield openings online, one as long ago as July and one as recent as Dec. 17. The positions range from a senior on-site human relations manager to an information technology manager.

None of the jobs listed at the company's employment portal, https://www.amazon.jobs/en, are for the kind of blue-collar, warehousing-type positions expected to make up the majority of employment at the building on the north side of Merle Haggard Drive.

A company spokeswoman said by email Friday that the bulk of the positions being created at the site will be filled in spring, one to two months before the operation launches. She declined to elaborate.

Amazon has said it intends to create 1,000 full-time, full-benefit jobs paying at least $15 per hour at a new, four-floor "fulfillment center" that measures, by the company's estimate, 640,000 square feet. The building near Meadows Field is expected to house robots that will work with humans.

The site is one of many distribution centers Amazon operates across the country. They receive and warehouse a wide selection of products that customers nearby can order online in expectation of speedy delivery.

The company said in August that fulfillment center operations typically commence 18 months to two years after the project is announced. That could suggest the launch will take place as late as August.

In November 2018, Kern's Board of Supervisors offered Amazon $3 million in local tax rebates in exchange for employing 1,000 county residents at an average wage of $31,000 per year at the distribution center. The subsidy package would award the company annual refunds expected to total $575,000 for 11 years.

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(3) comments

Masked 2020

it will be interesting to see the effect of Amazon on Bako.......

"Amazon is rapidly dispensing with carriers such as FedEx for its retail deliveries, bringing the logistics business in-house to ship more Prime packages more quickly. The speed and money savings, though, seem to be coming at the cost of health and safety concerns—and a new report says the company is well aware, and Amazon is letting it happen anyway.

Internal documents show the company had plans to implement driver safety training courses but scrapped them in order to get drivers up and running faster, ProPublica and BuzzFeed News report.

"We chose not to have onroad practical training because it was a bottleneck" to getting drivers on the road, a senior manager wrote.

It was just one of many examples the reporters found of Amazon ignoring evidence its logistics business was overburdened."


"fulfillment center".......... it's a warehouse/distribution center. What's wrong with that descriptive combination of words? More double speak. More to come.

Bill Peloquin

Here is one of the most successful companies ever. We have to give them a tax break so they can make more money here from the local brick and mortar businesses in town. Think that through.

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