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In this file photo, Bakersfield City Councilwoman Jacquie Sullivan speaks during a meeting on Wednesday with "In God We Trust" emblazoned in the background of the council chambers.

Following a successful vote in Bakersfield, the advocates behind putting “In God We Trust” decals on police and fire vehicles are hoping for a repeat with the Kern County Board of Supervisors.

Local pastor and Bakersfield Police Department Chaplain Angelo Frazier, who first proposed the decals to the City Council, said he plans to make a similar proposal to place the nation’s motto on the vehicles of the Kern County Sheriff’s Office.

“My first thought was to do the city and the county, but we decided to back off of that and just do the city first, and then the county,” Frazier said. “In other words not to try to eat the elephant in one piece.”

He said he and Bakersfield City Councilmember Jacquie Sullivan were in the middle of selecting a design for the approximately 400 Bakersfield police and fire vehicles that will be outfitted with the decals, but after he completed the process, he planned to focus on the county.

“A number of people have come up to me and said they’re all for this, it’s about time,” he said.

No timeline has been released for adding the nation’s motto to Bakersfield fire and police vehicles.

Sullivan said her nonprofit organization, In God We Trust America, will be responsible for fundraising for the cost of adding the decals to the vehicles. A number of local businesses have committed to contributing money toward the cause.

A final cost has not yet been determined.

“We’re anxious to get the project complete,” she said. “I feel strongly that the vote went the right way, and it’s going to be good for our community, our county, our state. We’re just the first on a large scale, in a large city, and hopefully others will follow our lead.”

The city of Delano has already added “In God We Trust” decals to its police vehicles. Shafter will consider the topic at its next city council meeting on Tuesday.

Any proposal to the county will need one of the supervisors to add it to a future agenda in order for it to be considered by the entire body.

In Bakersfield, the vote passed in a 4-2 vote on June 5. Many spoke out in favor of the issue, while a strong contingent of citizens opposed it.

Those in opposition said they did not think a religious phrase affixed to the city’s public property was appropriate, while supporters said the decals will encourage law enforcement officers.

Frazier said he did not know when he would make the proposal to the county, but hoped to do so soon.

“We’re feverishly working to get this done in a timely manner,” he said, referring to the Bakersfield decals. “It’s pretty exciting.”

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Oh well . . . as we see, here again are the 'usual suspects' with their common Anti-God (Anti-Spiritual? Anti-Christian? Anti-Everything!) negative and mindless diatribe . . . ! --- Fortunately most of us Understand and Believe (by observation of our environment (Physical and Miraculous) in The Creator . . . as our Forefathers did . . . Who also 'Created' (developed) a Unique and Democratic (allowing freedoms as well as dissent) and organized social order called "A Republic" after millennia (6 or millions, depending on your faith) of 'failed states' in our Known Universe. ---- We likewise certainly have nothing to lose in our communities by acknowledging and celebrating this Profound Physical and Spiritual Presence . . . Which (Who), were He(She/Them) to stop regarding our trust & novel existence as important, would suddenly and irrevocably . . . extinguish 'our' universe . . . and end these 'conversations' . . . between those of us who believe (and will continue in spirit) . . . and those who argue against, who will most assuredly disappear without further thought(s) . . . ---- Semper Fortis . . . (and that means "IN ALL WAYS . . . ALWAYS STRONG"!)


There is a reason we don't mix Church and State and that Reason is Take Back California who is attempting at sponsoring Bakersfield's Criminal Justice System


The 'People' are getting fed up!! Rule by religion is theocracy. Theocracy is tyranny!! We, the People, have the right to overthrow a tyranny!!! [It is time to actually use our 2nd Amendment - Think Tea Party!] [Prove your god exists - or remove all claims of these lies]


In this case the God is a Republican named Travis Allen and those we are to trust resemble the KKK


The Bakersfield Californian staff is CENSORING left wing criticisms of Bakersfield's fascism. Because liberals are the WELCOME MATS of fascism.

Patricia Edna

Considering your incessant, nonsensical posts, I don’t think anyone censored you unfortunately.


Youve been censored. Right. We should all be so lucky! FIVE POSTS on this site with nothing but your judgement and hate-spew in them and you're being censored. You poor thing.


Actually Liberals are the welcome Matt's of education and regarding the sponsorship stickers you really should research what you and WHO your allowing yourself to affiliate with when you vote for PRIVATE organizations to sponsor you LE and Criminal Justice system.


Pedophile priests, racist mudering cops, attacking the homeless: yeah, Bakersfield is DEFINITELY a Christian city. You people are disgusting.


It would depend on the dictionary in this case The GOD we are to TRUST is named Travis of Take Back California a Republican group that attacks women Gays and people of color .


What is your opinion on Travis Allen ?


Where is your Christian humility? All the poor and suffering in Kern County and you idiots choose this? Jesus would be ASHAMED of you.


You REALLY shouldn't be talking about Christian humility, or anything else Christian related. Your posts clearly prove you know NOTHING about Christ or being a Christian.


When fascism comes to the United States it will be draped in the flag and bearing a cross. Exhibit 1.


Do some digging I suspect In God we Trust is a symbol of White Nationalism


Bakersfield is at least 100 years behind the times. What am I missing? I thought the Constitution of the United States explicitly requires the separation of region and state. Oh well, it's the era of Donald Trump, so eff the Constitution and every other law that protects people's rights; right city officials? Now the cops can do whatever they want, in the name of God.


It appears in the name of Travis Allen a Republican running on the racism and hate ticket. HATE is the new TRUST

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Let me educate you JR, the Constitution says no such thing. Please review the entire document and let me know where you find it. I'll wait... Also, funny how you bring Trump into it- all the while neglecting to mention that Obama was droning American citizens in other countries. Let's not forget the bipartisan passing (and continuation) of the Patriot Act, which decimates many of our civil liberties- many of which we'll likely never get back...

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