A community advocate called on Kern High School District Trustee Mike Williams to resign his position Tuesday following a Facebook post the board member wrote calling a black community advocate a racist.

Williams, who wasn’t present for Tuesday’s monthly meeting, saw backlash from two members of the public who were critical of the post.

“I’m here to ask for his resignation,” said Libby Tracy, who spoke at Tuesday's meeting. “And I’ll be back next month to ask him for his resignation.”

Williams was traveling and did not immediately respond to requests for comment Tuesday night. However, he did "like" a tweet from a reporter asking for comment.

The controversy began last month, when Williams posted on his Facebook page that he was “done with The Californian” after it published a regular opinion column by Danny Morrison, a community activist. In his column, he called President Donald Trump a racist.

In response, Williams called on KHSD to terminate all contracts with The Californian and break ties with the paper, including sports coverage and allowing employees to grant interviews to the paper.

He later emailed Superintendent Bryon Schaefer, ordering a report on everything KHSD does with The Californian, including “how much advertising we pay them, how we provide them sports information, how we allow them social privileges to webcast and otherwise cover games, educational projects and anything else we may have that we interface with them.”

“I intend to call for a motion at the next board meeting that I’m at,” Williams wrote in his Aug. 22 email obtained by The Californian through a California Public Records Act request.

Williams’ colleagues didn’t bother defending him Tuesday. In fact, they did the opposite.

Trustee Jeff Flores condemned Williams’ comments.

“The issues brought up tonight are serious,” Flores said. “He’ll have to answer for the comments he made, but I don’t share those views. All our groups throughout the district are welcome.”

Arleana Waller, a mother of two who also called on Williams to resign, saying he "didn't represent [her] community," described Williams’ remarks in his Facebook post as lacking “cultural sensitivity.” She alluded to comments she said Williams made that have since been deleted, then called on Williams to own up to his comments. The entire thread, which was shared and commented on hundreds of times, was deleted later.

“He is degrading a community that needs support,” Waller said. “I’m asking with you as a trustee to stand with the community. How do we fix this?”

Trustee President Bryan Batey stopped Waller.

“Come back next month and say exactly that same thing to Williams to his face,” Batey said. “I’d really appreciate that.”

Harold Pierce covers education and health for The Californian. He can be reached at 661-395-7404. Follow him on Twitter @RoldyPierce

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I’ve read Dan Morrison’s rants before in the Californian about his feeling s of Pres. Trump. Sorry, I can’t call a 40 year old “Danny”. It’s hard to defend yourself when someone calls you a racist or even “a little bit racist”. It’s a tactic the left uses to attack another person who disagrees with their beliefs or point of view. I do agree that Mike Williams was out of line in his Facebook post as an acting trustee, but hardly worth a resignation….the left overacting again! Most likely, this teacher has disagreed with Mr. Williams’s board views in the past. I’m sure that Win Laven is not the only one trolling Mr. Williams Facebook posts for some political ammunition. As for Dan Morrison, he’s all about stirring the pot and getting the biggest reaction he can. So, this time it worked for Dan…creating an story from something he wrote. He’s on his way to being recruited by CNN.


More KHSD buffoonery, they're all a bunch of hacks, that got over on the citizens of Kern County , they are one of the worst examples of governance I've personally ever witnessed , and the cronies they've put in place within the hierarchy of the KHSD are just as bad !! They waste money and time on frivolous and petty issues and use smoke screens and deception to cover up their corruption. They are a bunch of self serving clucks, and I hope their days are numbered , I hope the citizens of this community un- a$$ the phony board members and de-throne the superintendent and his corrupt cronies he uses to
insulate himself, I have a feeling their day is coming !!


Chin Is your colostomy bag full again? You seem to be a little upset….


Of course I'm upset , I feel the kids and community deserve better. The KHSD has issues far greater than this superficial BS, they literally graduate kids who cannot read or write. Its a direct reflection on their poor governance and mismanagement. Mike Williams anctics are not beneficial to the KHSD and they're not entertaining to me, he's not in the position for his opinion , he's there to represent his constituents.


More KHSD drama, and every time these types of situations are made public it clearly demonstrates that there is collusion, bullying and intimidation as their mode of operation of how they do business. Frankly just disturbing and last I checked we do not live in Chicago during the years that the mafia was in rule.

Jerry Todd

Thinking of the teacher demanding Williams' resignation, I'm reminded of a LTE I wrote in 1998 as the current public employee disaster was being visited on us.
October 24, 1998

Letters Editor
P.O. Box 440
Bakersfield, CA 93302 - Sent by FAX

Dear Editor:

I’m for labor unions, but have a real problem with public employee unions. There’s a “Catch-22” here, because public employees need some form of collective bargaining at times, but the power they exercise in the body politic has become a possibly terminal cancer in our society.

When they run their own candidates or push the election of others, they are cementing the status quo and bureaucratic inefficiency into the workings of the community and nation. See what a horrible price our children and wallets have paid for the power of the now well entrenched educational establishment!

One politician’s ad sneers that his opponent has a “0” National Education Association rating. That, for those of us who hate socialism from the core of our beings, is the highest praise one could reap on a candidate. For the rest of you, cry for your beloved country for what you are doing to it!

Gerald V. Todd

Then there's the letter from the teacher frustrated with class disruptions and no ability to deal with them. Another symptom of a system gone awry."Reading and writing and 'rithmetic, taught to the tune of a hickory stick..."


I guess only one side can use the racist word with total impunity these days. Danny Morrison makes a living calling everyone else he disagrees with "a racist." I don't know Mr. Williams but in this case he is exactly correct. It isn't racist if it's the truth. I might suggest that what we have here is a case of the pot calling the kettle black...but then, someone might demand my resignation, too.

Wim Laven

Gary, you've got an interesting take, but it seems to be very short on facts and accuracy. Mike Williams is legally entitled to have his racist views, as does Trump, or anyone else--in the safety of their own homes. What nobody is "allowed" (by the radical snowflake left) to do is unlawfully discriminate in the course of their business or legislative duties.

More to the point, Mike Williams was completely out of line in using his political capacity to wage war against the newspaper for running an Editorial (a declared opinion).

The truth in this case is that racism is racism, period. That you don't have a problem with that means you're probably at least a little racist, and you get to think whatever you want to, but if you're elected as a Kern High School District trustee you do not get to defend racism and say that bad behavior is a racial/cultural issue with an implication that _____ students are the problem because they are __________.

I interacted with Mike Williams on this, I was one of the people he called "an out of town troll" because I'm in Georgia completing a PhD. He deleted my posts. But I have my messages saved.

Racism is a disservice to all students. Mike Williams should resign.

Bravo to the rest of the board (that he thought he could count on) for condemning his remarks and behavior. I didn't think they had it in them.


Let me get this straight, Wim.... Williams is a "racist"....why? Where did he use that term? YOU used it, people attacking him used it....where is his quote using the term? Is he a racist because he called out Morrison for calling the President a racist? Is he a racist because he called out the Californian for giving a forum to a man that calls EVERYONE a racist if they push his buttons? He's a racist because he dared to get mad at an editorial by our local rag? I guess being a racist has less to do with "race" than it does "disagreeing" with liberals like you and the Tracy/Waller snowflakes that get offended every time they hear or see something with which they disagree. I'm guessing your PhD will not be in Semantics....


Thank you, really because i was reading Williams quote over and over and I was sure I was missing something as I couldn't find anywhere where he said "racist".

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