The American Civil Liberties Union on Wednesday identified the two people who will staff its new Bakersfield: a community engagement policy advocate who grew up in Weedpatch and a staff attorney from New York who has worked on immigrant and farmworkers' rights issues.

The famously liberal organization is expanding into Kern County from Southern California after having become involved in local cases dealing with deaths at the hands of law enforcement, federal raids at or near courthouses and allegations of improper use of checkpoints to impound immigrants' vehicles.

The policy advocate, Rosa Lopez, worked for the Peace Corps as a volunteer in the Dominican Republic and, later, for the statewide John Muir Charter Schools as a career pathway specialist. She graduated from Arvin High School before going on to earn a bachelor's degree in Latin American Latino Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She hopes to earn a master's degree in public administration at Cal State Bakersfield.

Attorney Jordan Wells, a 2013 graduate of New York University’s School of Law, comes to Bakersfield having worked on staff at the New York Civil Liberties Union. His litigation work there included a case that sought to establish farmworkers’ rights to organize and bargain collectively, as well as a legal challenge to a practice by Long Island's sheriff of detaining immigrants for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The ACLU said in a news release Wells will focus mainly on civil rights and civil liberties, "particularly those issues relating to immigrants’ rights and police practices."

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Fram Smith

RUMUDA-OUR VERY OWN OUT OF AREA PAYED TROLL. For all you newbies out there, RUMUDA has clearly stated in earlier postings that he does not live here and is payed to say foolish things to foolish people who do not understand who RUMUDA is. BE ADVISED...YOUR BEING PLAYED.
But for us folks who live here,
Independent of what you or I may think of the A.C.L.U., that they would be willing to go though the time trouble and most importantly MONEY to set up a shop in Bakersfield should give reasonable people concern about how they view our respect for civil liberties and due process.

Citizen Kane

Strangling the very RED County of Kern blue, one step at a time. Better to box L.A. County inbetween Kern and Orange. Keeps the beasts at bay.

Muhammad Fatwa al Jihad

ACLU defends the constitutional rights of everyone. If you ever need them Gary, Remuda, and the rest, give them a call.

Inconvenient Truth

Perfect! Just in time to defend the 1st Amendment rights of Cathy Miller at Tastries Bakery!

Oh, wait...
Cathy isn't a member of a 'preferred group,' so her rights don't count.



That's an oversimplification. What about the rights of a gay person to buy a cake? The only person being overtly discriminated against is the cake buyer. If Tastries was similarly infringed upon for being Christian, the ACLU would be all over it the way they have in the past.

Stating the obvious

Not a fan of the American Criminal Liberties Union....


"IN-famously" liberal organization . . . & . . . the Peace Corps Dominican Republic? (are they headed here too?)
Cezar Chavez should be be rolling big time. Of course, he lost his original ideology in time as well.
"[T]he illegal aliens are doubly exploited, first because they are farm workers, and second because they are powerless to defend their own interests," he wrote. (note Cezar's continued use of "illegal aliens" . . . as he was born in the USA).
Oh, BTW, he was a WWII shipmate who's had a Navy munitions ship named in his honor -- USNS Cesar Chavez (T-AKE 14).


RESIST...the ACLU.....


. . . & how are they going to deal with MS-13 . . . ? (What would Cezar say?)


. . . & how are they going to deal with MS-13 . . . ? (What would Cezar say?)

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