A man charged in the killing of Delano grape grower Jakov Dulcich was ordered held on $2 million bail Tuesday as his arraignment was postponed to next week.

Mariano Fernandez Perez, 24, is charged with first-degree murder, attempted murder, shooting at an occupied motor vehicle and possession of a firearm by a felon. He was arrested by deputies from the Lamont substation during a traffic stop on Saturday.

Dulcich, 84, was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds about 8:30 a.m. Wednesday in the area of Woollomes Avenue and South Browning Road, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Deputies said Dulcich's SUV and the suspect vehicle had been traveling on South Browning Road when an occupant of the suspect vehicle fired into the SUV, which continued south on Browning and crashed into another vehicle.

The suspect vehicle drove to the scene of the crash and one of its occupants got into a physical altercation with the driver of the third vehicle, according to deputies. At least one round was fired at the third vehicle's driver, but he wasn't hit. 

Deputies have said there is at least one other suspect. 

Dulcich is the founder of Dulcich & Sons, a farming company known for its grapes.

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Actually, stronger gun laws could of prevented Jakov Dulcich's tragic death.

I love guns and their use in both hunting and self-defense. Better laws mean less chance of felons getting them easier. Better laws do not affect the law abiding: the do make it harder for felons to get them. And our government will never "come after our guns".
They only do that in 3rd World countries with despots. No matter what the Democrats say, we aren't there yet.

My deepest sympathy to the friends and family of Jakov. I apologize for the insensitive and callous remarks about gun control and laws on this articles comments.


Hey, it's illegal in California for a felon like Mariano Fernandez Perez to own a firearm. Just goes to show you , all the firearm laws in California will not prevent a criminal from having a firearm, the laws only prevent t law abiding citizen from owning firearms and punishes them.


Traffic lights don't stop people from running red lights, let's abandon traffic laws.

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