Bakersfield Heart Hospital was the scene of an incident last December when a man shot his way through the hospital's glass doors to gain entry. The two Bakersfield police officers who confronted the shooter, shot at and wounded him, acted within department policy, and within legal requirements, the BPD's Critical Incident Review Board has found.

The man accused of shooting out a glass door at Bakersfield Heart Hospital and threatening people inside will likely remain hospitalized another six months, his attorney said during a court hearing. 

Kern Medical Center staff say Brandon Clark, shot by police after he stormed the Heart Hospital late last year, still needs months of recovery before appearing in court, Deputy Public Defender Paul Cadman said Wednesday.

Clark, he said, is on a morphine drip and is unable to participate in "meaningful interviews" with psychiatrists who have been assigned to examine him and determine whether he's competent. 

A competency hearing had been scheduled for Wednesday, but upon being told of Clark's unavailability, Judge Michael G. Bush set a status conference for July 10 where he'll receive an update on Clark's condition. 

According to court documents, Clark shot through a glass door on the south side of Bakersfield Heart Hospital, located on Sillect Drive, on Dec. 1. He entered the hospital, walked down hallways, entered the hospital's administration area and finally exited through the same door where he had first entered.

Clark threatened multiple people with a rifle while inside the hospital, the documents said.

Two officers confronted him in the parking lot, firing a total of six rounds at him. He was wounded and taken into custody.

No one else was injured.

He repeatedly said during the incident he was looking for his mother, who is a nurse at the hospital, according to the documents. Investigators have said they don't believe Clark intended to harm her.

Before heading to the hospital, Clark went to his mother's home in Bakersfield and fired a single shot at her unoccupied residence, according to police.

Clark's stepfather told investigators Clark has a history of drug use and believes he's infected by parasites. Clark, the stepfather said, also believes there are people in Big Sur involved in a drug cartel who are coming after him and his family.

He said Clark had planned to move from Big Sur to Mammoth.

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