A local teacher whose morning announcement video went viral on social media had the trip of a lifetime in New York last week that included several surprises. 

Josh King, a third-grade teacher at Independence Elementary School, welcomed students back to school with a remix of singer Lizzo's "Truth Hurts" during the morning announcements Aug. 14.

The day after the video was posted, ABC producers reached out to him about coming to New York to be a guest on "Strahan, Sara and KeKe," the third hour of ABC’s “Good Morning America,” hosted by Michael Strahan, Sara Haines and KeKe Palmer.

King said the trip to the Big Apple could only be described as "a whirlwind of an adventure."

"It was Sunday through Monday, and apart from Sunday night having some time to walk around Times Square, Monday and Tuesday were jam-packed with being on the show, heading to the VMAs, getting back late, getting to be on the show once again the next morning, doing an interview with our local news from the ABC studios and then flying home," King wrote in an email. "It was quick, but so much fun. The producers, crew and hosts of 'Strahan, Sara and KeKe' were incredibly welcoming and every moment of it was memorable."

While he talked about his viral video on "Strahan, Sara and KeKe," the hosts surprised the teacher with a full red carpet experience at the Video Music Awards on Aug. 26. 

Some of his favorite celebrities to interview included former NSYNC member Lance Bass, "Queer Eye" star Jonathan Van Ness, singer BeBe Rexha and Palmer.

"The coolest part was getting to ask them about their favorite teachers growing up, and everyone I asked was able to think about their favorites, the impact they had on their life and what made it so special. That was especially cool," he said.

He even quizzed some stars on simple math problems. Many knew what 3 x 3 is, others not so much. 

He also saw Lizzo on the red carpet and perform on stage, but didn't get the opportunity to interview her.

The surprises didn't end there. The following day when he shared his VMA experience on "Strahan, Sara and KeKe," the hosts invited him to the Country Music Awards red carpet on Nov. 13 in Nashville, Tenn.

"I love country music, so I’m definitely looking forward to meeting some big country names and interviewing them," he said. "This year Carrie Underwood is hosting with co-hosts Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton, so it will be a must-watch for sure, and I get to be there."

His return to Bakersfield was filled with more star treatment, as Independence Elementary Principal Rikki McFee welcomed him back with a red carpet, decorations in the shape of stars and a sign. His students were also featured on the show through a video and were eager to hear about his trip.

Strahan, Haines and Palmer joked about adding his name to the show's title since he did a good job on the red carpet, and though he has always loved the idea of working in entertainment, right now he's focused on being a third-grade teacher to "some of the sweetest, kindest and coolest kids I know this year." But if an opportunity arises in the future, he said he's always ready for a new adventure.

"I wouldn’t hate the name 'Strahan, Sara, KeKe and King,' it has a nice ring to it," he joked.

Ema Sasic can be reached at 661-395-7392. Follow her on Twitter: @ema_sasic.

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