There have been 2,007 positive cases of novel coronavirus in Kern County since March 17, according to the Kern County Public Health Services Department.

The total includes 56 new cases reported Thursday. The county also reported one additional COVID-19-related death, bringing the local total to 37.

Kern County Chief Administrative Officer Ryan Alsop said 23 of the county’s deaths have come from skilled nursing facilities, which accounts for 62 percent of the total. 

As of Thursday morning, 39 residents were receiving care at local hospitals, while 1,339 patients had recovered. Alsop said 96 percent of positive cases had either recovered or were recovering at home.

So far, 22,079 COVID-19 tests in Kern have been negative, and 947 still pending.

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(4) comments

Masked 2020

not all 100,000 and counting deaths were.... from people nearing the end of their time on earth residing in nursing homes... lots and lots were up and about.... still living their everyday mundane lives..... when they got infected and the virus killed them....

Independent Voter

Thank goodness for Ryan Alsop offering some insight into local COVID deaths since Kern Public Health refuses to. What's the deal with Public Health, anyway? Why so secretive? It is tragic that 62% of the deaths locally come from nursing homes, but this underscores who is most vulnerable to COVID. This also underscores the relative pointlessness of the cower-in-fear orders, which may be one reason why The Guv is rapidly rolling them back so quickly - nevermind pending litigation.


EVERY GOVERNOR is rolling back. But, COWERED when this guv's orders came out. EVERYBODY HAS researched posts MARCH 10-25 and not one post from you that this guv's orders were wrong. not one condemnation from you, then. LIKE all repubs obey, listen, follow, then COMPLAIN. COWARD

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Do you post randomly disjointed comments intentionally?

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