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Kern County officials announced 22 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday. 

That brings total cases to 1,547. There have been 25 deaths so far, and county leaders said 13 of those deaths were among residents at nursing homes, also known as skilled nursing facilities. 

Kingston Healthcare Center in Bakersfield, one of those facilities with a large outbreak, had a total of 49 health care workers and 75 residents who have tested positive for the virus as of Friday, said Matt Constantine, Kern County's director of public health services. Twelve residents there have died from the virus. 

The situation at Kingston was so bad that the state sent some three dozen health care workers in as part of a medical strike team to assist with care of residents at the beginning of the month. Those workers will soon be leaving, Constantine said.

Valley Convalescent Hospital in Bakersfield, another facility being monitored for an outbreak, has had 17 residents and nine health care workers test positive for the virus as of Friday, Constantine said.

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There is nothing more educational than conjecture. Thank you Mr. Truth.

Inconvenient Truth

Imagine you visit your doctor and he diagnoses you with a newly-discovered disease that he considers quite serious. When you ask him how serious, he tells you that 25 people with the disease have died in Bakersfield since March.

When you ask him how many of those 25 were actually killed by the disease, he says he’s not allowed to tell you.

When you ask him how many of the 25 were elderly or infirm, he says he’s not allowed to tell you.

When you ask him if any of the 25 could possibly have died from something other than the disease, he says he’s not allowed to tell you.

When you ask him if any of the 25 who died were chain-smokers, alcoholics, drug abusers, hemophiliacs, dialysis patients, or were previously diagnosed with metastatic cancer, heart disease, hypertension, AIDS, or any terminal or untreatable disease, he says he’s not allowed to tell you that.

When you ask him what the symptoms are, he says most patients have only minor flu-like symptoms and recover within a few weeks with no long-lasting health effects, but some patients die.

When you ask him what makes the difference between the patients who die and those who suffer only minor symptoms, he says he’s not allowed to give you that information.

You ask him if there is a cure and he tells you no, but they are working on one.

When you ask him when that cure might become available, he tells you it might be a few months, or maybe never; he doesn’t know.

You ask him if there is at least a treatment for the disease, and he tells you there is a new, untested therapy being tried, but it’s very expensive and will require you to quit your job and stay home indefinitely.

When you ask him for how long, he says it could be for only a few weeks, but it might be for many months, or possibly until a cure is found.

When you remind him he just said a cure may never be found, he says: “Yes, that’s right.”

When you tell him you can’t afford to lose your job and income indefinitely, he says: “I’m sorry, but that’s the only officially-approved treatment.”

When you ask him about your odds of dying from the disease, he says you have reached your quota of questions and can’t ask anymore.

When you suggest you are going to seek a second opinion, he tells you not to bother because any doctor who disagrees with him is a quack.

Now, can you see why some Kern citizens might have a problem accepting what Kern County Public Health Services is telling (and NOT telling) us about Covid-19?


Then you ask the doctor, "here in my State where there are currently 80,000 cases and over 3,000 deaths, if the Governor had not been the first to shut down his state, how bad would it be?"

Wake up. Your denial has been revealed to be horribly flawed.

Independent Voter

Try this denial on for size, Dweeb: The Guv is caving by loosening his own restrictions, easing requirements and seemingly looking to ditch his orders ASAP. Why is that, Dweeb, with more cases and more deaths? I have a theory - the courts. We are getting down to it now and I suspect he, along with many other governors, are going to get smacked down hard. Wisconsin was the first, Oregon today is the second...


Ha Ha Ha! Oregon Supreme Court stayed the judges order. Dumb uniformed post. Thank God, no Governors are afraid of being overturned by courts. Governors are afraid of violence perpetrated by King Trump's MAGA voters. (Making America's Governors Approval ratings Great Again)


It’s time to Recall Gavin Newsom before this state goes any farther into the toilet.

Inconvenient Truth

Too late.

As long as the Republicans in the Senate refuse to bail out Jerry and Gavin's poor choices, California is doomed.

Independent Voter

Agreed. And while we're at it, can we expell all the snowflakes and hand-wringing liberals that are aiding and abetting the governor and his minions with their march to a socialist's oblivion.


Oh, yeah but keep Princess McCarthy whom is doing nothing to help Kern County nor City of Bakersfield. Before the virus, Trumps national debt doubled Obama's and Clinton's when he reduced the corporate tax. Reagan is rolling in his grave. Trump has filed bankruptcy 5 times. Make that a 6th. It is easy to spend spend spend. What will happen when McConnell and Trump actually, will have to balance a budget like, city, states, and counties? HaHaHa, there is not big enough calculator.


I believe that's 25 people in Kern County, which has a population of 900,202. That makes a huge HUGE difference.


First of all, everyone is well aware of the virus and would not ask so many ignorant questions. Secondly, if they asked any questions they would be:

"King Trump said it will magically disappear, is that true?" "king Trump said I could down a light bulb with a cup of bleach and be fine. Is that true?" "King Trump said he is taking hydroxychlorine despite FDA warnings. Can I take it too?" "King Trump said we are open with or without a vaccine. Is that safe?" "Stormy said King Trump did not wear a mask when they had sex. Could their baby have the virus?" "King Trump said schools should reopen. Should I still schedule a parent teacher conference?" "King Trump had sex with another woman while Baron was born. Was that woman quarantined or just paid $130 grand?' "King Trump has suspended funding to the WHO. The CDC has been sidelined. Where did he receive his medical training? Oh, okay, Trump university." "some ignorant inconvenient truth keeps posting to Oh, okay, there are many republicans just like him with no clue."

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