Another 17 COVID-19-related deaths and 107 new cases were reported Friday morning by the Kern County Public Health Services Department. 

The new deaths happened as far back as June 23. County officials have said the time it takes to process death cases accounts for some of the delays in reporting them.

That brings total deaths in Kern to 273 and total cases to 28,961.

About one-third of those cases, or just more than 11,000, have recovered from the illness, the county's data shows. A downward trend in COVID-19 hospitalizations has continued. As of Wednesday, 140 people with confirmed COVID-19 infections were hospitalized in Kern, with 50 of those patients in the ICU, according to the latest data from the California Department of Public Health.

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According to The Washington Post article dated 2/05/2020, “The right needs to stop falsely claiming that the Nazis were socialists.

The Nazis hated socialists. It was the governments that rebuilt Europe that embraced social welfare programs.”


IV, you really are the poster child of Trumpster land. No class, no empathy, and no soul. Have no idea how old you are but I do believe that if you were alive in 1945 you would have mocked the announcement/pictures of the holocaust...”oh, the inhumanity” and are quite possibly a Holocaust denier. You sure in the heck have no “friends” or family members who have contracted the virus. I have three and two are still suffering long term problems associated. But in your cold, dark, Trump is God World $$$$ is all and another 12 deaths is just it what it is. How sad!!


Read some history books trichmond17. The Nazis were leftist. They were socialist intimidating the rest of society until none stood against them. Look at the protesters today out there. Antifa, BLM, looters, anarchists, arsonists are all on your violet side--the Left. You "Democrats" can't denounce any of these groups because THEY are YOU. Go spread your lies somewhere else.


This guy is an embarrassment! "You "Democrats" can't denounce any of these groups" Hey Trump lover-- who said "There are good people on both sides, both sides" You conservatives can't denounce white supremacists because THEY are YOU! Ignorance is bliss. Stupidity is glorious!


Do do fit the bill calsones. You are definitely "glorious". Your word, not mine.

Unruly Panda

Sorry, but you are factually wrong. Although the original name included "Socialist", the Nazis were a far right, fascist political organization that eschewed the primary attributes of Socialism.


The were right of center in Germany at the time. They were still the Labor party and they were a form of fascist and antisemitic. They were right of Russian Marxists. That has nothing to do with right of center in America today. Just ask who is anti-Jew today? Who accosts, spreads misinformation in main stream media today. Who controls Antifa? Who is promoting violence in the street. I don't have quote Pelosi a few days ago, or the 4 members of the squad? Do I?


More Americans have died this year from the coronavirus than died in World War I.  And more than double the number of Americans who died in the Vietnam War. 182,000. There's a word for that massive loss of life: unacceptable. The majority of Republicans, 63% say it's ok they died. Only 10% of Democrats. Republicans, what has happened to your himanity? You were enraged when 3,000 Americans died on 9/11. When did you lose your compassion for your fellow Americans?

The Independent Voter

My himanity! Oh, the himanity!

Masked 2020

death by Covid is not quick and painless....its a weeks long struggle to survive before it sets you free

Another Independent Voter

I was going to respond with some witty, clever post - but decided it's not worth. You can't argue with a sick mind, so why try?

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