The Kern County Public Health Services Department reported 12 more deaths from COVID-19 on Wednesday, bringing total deaths to 228.

Another 216 new cases were also reported bringing total county cases to 27,184. 

In all, 24 deaths were reported in the past two days, but the deaths have occurred over the past five weeks. One of the deaths occurred in mid-July, according to county data. 

Since June 26, there has been at least one death related to COVID-19 every day in Kern County, with a high of eight deaths in a single day on July 31, the data shows.  

Hospitalizations of patients with confirmed coronavirus infections continues to decline, with 170 in Kern's hospitals as of Monday. Of those, 70 were ICU patients.

More information can be found at

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Masked 2020

oh........... Vicass 22......Trump said Puerto Rico is 'dirty' and its residents 'poor,' says former DHS official by Bianca Padró Ocasio Miami Herald (TNS) 1 hr ago 0

...........MIIAMI — A former top Trump administration official at the Department of Homeland Security confirmed Wednesday reports from last year that President Donald Trump sought to swap Puerto Rico for Greenland after Hurricane Maria devastated the island in 2017.


Oh look at the shiny object over here. Never mind the facts about the speakers at the DN convention. The truth is you can't address the facts about Kamala because they are true. Worst than a hypocrite.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

WTH does your post have to do with this story Yorkies?

I've never seen anyone so desperate for attention in my entire life...

Bless your soul...




Off topic but applies todaynin light of DNC conference speakers: since the Dems are so into identity politics and cancel culture, I'll leave this right here:

Kamala Harris is not black. Indo-Jamaican is accurate. She is not part of the African-American experience. She is Brahmin on her mother side, the highest caste in a country obsessed with caste and prejudice. And, she is descendant from one of Jamaica's largest slave owners, Hamilton Brown, on the paternal line. Facts.


Vico....and your point is? Is it that Senator Harris benefited from from Jamaican-Indian privilege that is endemic to the American experience? By the way, my family on my father’s side fought for the traitorous confederacy and, yes, did own slaves. Do you want to cancel me as well?


The point is: You made the rules up of Cancel Culture, #MeToo, Reparations, Identity Politics, YET, you break your own rules. Hypocrites. You have no moral authority over anyone else if you yourself are the worst offenders.


Vico, WAIT, I made up the rules, me? I noticed just like your lying leader, you didn’t answer my question. Do you need visuals? What was the point of your original message about the next vice-president? Just FYI, if we want to judge people on heritage then I hope that you can admit that Mr. Trump, his siblings, and his children have never done a hard days work nor faced any barriers in their entire life. Heck, one brother killed himself to escape the psycho ward known as the Trump family.


You can't address your (Dems) hypocrisy, so you take a personal attack at a dead man who can't defend himself. The worst kind of hypocrisy. Deflect and smear.


Vico, did you graduate high school? Please point out the personal attack. All I did was identify a fact that the man occupying the White House admitted. You like facts, don’t you? You still haven’t addressed the initial question about Senator Harris’ family history. Did you forget to take your ADHD medicine?


It's apparent you need to work on reading comprehension. Again, Kamala is pretending to be something she is not. Much the same way Elizabeth Warren pretended to be something she was not, to advance her personal agenda/career/positions in work and life to the detriment of actual minorities who deserved the job at Harvard, or the Senate. Harris likewise says she is African-American when it's completely false. She slept her way to positions in SF and CA to only incarcerate men and women of color for doing the same things she admitted doing in college dorms. When you dig skin deep it turns out she sells herself as completely the opposite of what she really is, (thus the hypocrisy reference). She was never oppressed; her family were the oppressors in the maternal Indian caste system. She was never a slave, but her paternal family fully benefited from the slave trade in Jamaica. She didn't see or experience the fight for civil rights as she wants to take credit for. She is hiding her true identity to pull the wool over the African-American eyes who deserve better, and all American voters deserve the truth.

As far as your ancestors go, only YOU will have to live with their sins in your conscience.

You attacked Fred who died of alcoholism. You never met him. Or did you? You don't know why he drank.

And yes, I'll put my multiple degrees up against your GED any day.


Good comeback PT and would put Lincoln-Douglas to shame. One of you wishes another American who disagrees with you death which reveals just how much you value life and since I assume you are a Trumpsters, that adds up to ultimate irony. Just curious how many dead people does it take for you guys to drop off the comedy tour? None of these deaths had to happen and because they happened on Trumps watch, they are his responsibility, that is how American politics works. You guys are perfect examples of why I support reproductive freedom.

The Independent Voter

No comedy here, trichmond, I asked a legitimate question that has yet to yield a reasonable answer from an intelligent human being. So I look to you, friend, to explain how Trump is responsible for a single supposed COVID death. I remind you, genius, that he offered a national plan and was told to go blow by the very governors that, a short time later, asked him for federal money to assist with costs related to COVID. The same folks, by the way, asking for money to rebuild their looted, burnt, gutted cities - decimated, of course, while they stood by cheering the thuggery on. So tell me how Trump is responsible. Evidence, not theories please since you're such a sharp slice of brilliance.


Oh, IV, you have really consumed the kool-aid....please specify the “national plan” that Mr .Trump presented to the nation, other than the states’ are on their own? Again, burnt, gutted cities....really? You must be young because whatever is happening in no way comes close to the cities that exploded in 1968 (and other years), so stop your hyperbole. Do you know what hypocrisy means? If you look it up in Webster’s you will see Trump and his minions picture. If I remember correctly, he not only campaigned on the “carnage” infecting America under President Obama (where was that?) but he said he alone could fix it. According to you, it has gotten worse. So is he a liar, a hypocrite or incompetent? I made it multiple choice so you wouldn’t be confused.

The Independent Voter

You failed to address my post, trichmond. You respond with statements rather than factual content. Conjecture on my age, directing questions back at me - all tricks (not so clever) designed to spin the conversation away from what I had originally asked you to do, which was to explain how Trump is responsible for a single COVID death. You can't or won't answer the question. You fail, like your friend Dweeb, to offer anything of substance. Rather, you answer questions with questions, engage in pointless speculation about irrelevant things, and are generally a waste of bandwidth. Get back to me when you've pulled your head out and can stay on point and effectively challenge me with facts and thought-provoking content. Until then, don't waste my time and quit embarrassing yourself.


How could Trump NOT motivate ANYONE in their right minds to kick him to the curb? How long ago was he cracking the heads of his own unarmed people in the streets of our capital? I NEVER thought I'd live to see the day in MY country! He is an afront to the Constitution. A blight on American history. A boil on all that is decent. A swine. A snake oil salesman. A corrupt gangster. He has a butcher bill for 173,000 American lives. He's got to be removed like the cancerous tumor he is.


I keep looking for your name on that Covid list but alas......

The Independent Voter

What has he done, Dweeb, to earn your hatred and dislike. Explain.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

@Dweeb, honestly, how many times are you going to post the same thing? By my count, this is at least eight. Your act has gotten old- a LONG time ago...


Just read LA Times article basically placing blame on Bako being the infection capitol if California on the large proportion of its population being bred from The Dust Bowl—in other work the descendants of Oklahoma -Arkansas -Texas are so backwards they don’t believe corona virus is real

It pointed out how the KC “leaders” pretend to be ‘confused’ by various emails from the state concerning reporting violators of business openings/operating contrary to state guidelines. Bako was also ‘confused’ on who or what law entity was responsible for enforcement. Lol.

It is all very EZ and basic—but KC officials just decided to let businesses do whatever they want, wherever they want for as long as they want. ZERO enforcement was and is the official policy.

And so—how’s THAT working for ya? Bako is now The Laughingstock of the Nation.

Bako is looked at as a time-wRp back to Deliverence deep backwoods ignorance. The spread continu

I told you a Genie—and yer crew—this catastrophe would happen. That Bako would be infamous as #1.

EZ to foresee cuzz y’all were boasting and screaming”we have very little virus here”. The truth was NObody really desires to fly into Bako, so they frequent LA and SF airports and avoids The ArmPit if California. But with the backward behaviors in response to the emergency—it was just a matter of time until my prediction proved correct.

So does Bako respond with enforcement of masks and/or high-risk businesses forced to operate reasonably? Lol. HECK NO. “ We Good Old Boyz ain’t gonna listen to nobody... especially the scientific and medical infection disease doctors/experts”. The Good Old Boyz know better. Lol. So they continue to put their family at risk. And the circle of ignorance and disease continues. I’ll pray for you.

Gene Pool Chlorinator


You keep saying "I told you Genie and yer crew", completely "forgetting" that your biggest boast was that we'd have over 10,000 dead here...

HUGE miss (fortunately), but go ahead and brag over nothing.

AGAIN- like I mentioned to you before, according to statistics and facts, using demographic information from the "Armpit of California", it isn't the "Good Old Boyz" that are leading the county in infections. Maybe if you did "knowitall", you could figure that one out for yourself.

You can go back to your cave now troglodyte, and let Cajones back out to play; your alter ego is actually more entertaining than you are now...

OBTW- MIT is still looking for PhD candidates, think you can handle it now? I'd be most honored to help with your dissertation... Bwahahahaha!

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