Bakersfield residents displayed a huge outpouring of support for the pastor of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church at a candlelight held Wednesday evening. Monsignor Craig Harrison is currently on paid administrative leave with the Archdiocese of Fresno due to an investigation into multiple sexual misconduct claims against him. 

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Cannot help noticing that the gay rights groups in the Bay area that have openly, repeatedly, vowed to bankrupt organizations like the Catholic Church, Boy Scouts and others who refuse to adopt their positions, are never mentioned in news "stories" about alleged abuses from the last century.


What are you talking about Mrdwm1? Now you are bashing gay people?! What they shouldn’t have rights? Crawl back in your hole please. All human beings have equal unequivocal rights in a free country. So ignorant. The thousands upon thousands of sexual abuse by the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts and other types of organization and the 100 or more years of victim intimidation and cover ups is cool to you? Are you denying that’s theres an issue of abuse ? The biggest issue that sexual abuse supporters and victims of this abuse is that sheeple are “supporting “ and holding prayer Virgil’s “for” the alleged abuser. That’s ok? It’s not. The vigil and the headline should read a prayer vigil “for all those whom are affected by sexual abuse” that includes alleged victims and alleged perps. This can be done without the cloud of victim intimidation and shaming that is pathetically and disgustingly and openly happening here.

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