A Downey man died Sunday night after he was shot by at least one California Highway Patrol officer, Kern County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Angela Monroe said Monday, but it's not yet known if the man shot at officers. Phoenix resident Leslie Reid submitted this video.

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Officer took baby from car before shooting look at officer on the right get baby from car


Did anyone see the officer holding a baby that he took out of the car before the shots were fired , I moved her 5 years ago and when I was living here for a year I had to ask for the sheriff 's help , it was terrible they treated me like a criminal and made me file charges on the officers , which the head guy to them called me and gave me a story about how he would talk to them , but he didn't , now I k om these officers are not good ones , it's a shame that they give all officers a bad name , it is a hard job and the good officers ers are few and far between , I cant see why they shot him or her who ever it was . I think we have the right to know what happened


I'm a retired Deputy Sheriff and thank god I never had to shoot anyone after working 29 yrs. Having said that the last thing anyone should do is second the Officers on the scene. Like it or not we live in and ever increasingly violent world. Our law enforcement folks have to make life and death actions and fractions of second. Some are right. Some wrong. I would like to give the officers the benefit of doubt.


I was a day away from joining the CHP. Applied, interviewed, went through the entire physical and psych processes, and decided at the last minute, after my acceptance, to pursue another career. I'm glad I did. I am intimately familiar with law enforcement in Kern County, and while the CHP are typically the exception, it bears discussion. Kern County law enforcement is routinely under national scrutiny for the way they handle officer involved shootings. If you or I pulled out an AR15 and fired on someone 6 times because "The bad man looked scary, and I thought he had a gun, and I was a-scured!" you or I would be in prison. As it stands, there is virtually no consequence for state sanctioned murder, especially around here. There are almost always other options that don't put anybody in jeopardy. I don't know what happened here, but aside from the 5 or 6 people who witnessed it, I doubt we ever will.


I'm glad that you chose another path. That type of non commitment gets people in trouble. There can be scrutiny on our law Enforcement operators all day long. I would rather have them be scrutinized for being vigilant and even Perhaps Strict. These days there are way too many officers who just look the other way. Not in Bakersfield. We bring them down..


Great move you are not needed, you would have been a horrible Law Enforcement Officer.


I'm sure glad you didn't you have to be a good person first then a officer second and have a strong faith in God and want to help people not bully them


They said this COUNTY not country and if u know anything about kern county you know the cops here think a badge is a license to kill


And a liscense to home invasion rob too


Am sure they had reason to shoot the man. Yes when shots are fired usually one is injured or deceased.


Based on your firsthand knowledge of the event? I HATE when people just blindly support shooting a person with ZERO knowledge of what happened, ESPECIALLY in this county.


You say in " This Country " like Mexico, Central America or Africa has no violence to speak of !!!

Obama incited Police Hatred by blaming law enforcement every time some bonehead resisted arrest or a officers in the course of their duties which is to keep people like you safe from people like the one that was shot and killed.

I recall the mass shooting of Dallas Police officers by a sicko that stated he wanted to kill all " White People " and especially ones that are in law enforcement, July 6, 2016 he did just that, killing 5 officers and wounding 6 others.


I said this COUNTY, not COUNTRY.


You make some very good points, I agree.


Did you see the officer take a baby from the SUV before shots were fired

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