Bernie Sanders stopped by Bakersfield on Friday at the Spectrum Amphitheater for his 2020 Get out the Early Vote Rally. Sanders spoke to the community on what his campaign is all about.

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Masked 2020

guess after Nevada I'm going to have get on the Bernie train...........anybody but Donny.....I could easily be a Social Democrat...

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Yes, jump on that bandwagon. There is no way he wins the national, so I'm on the Bernie train as well... FEEL THE BERN!!


He summed up President Impeached very well. I hope Republicans keep thinking he can't win.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

You have it wrong- Republicans want him to win because a Socialist will not win a national election.



Keep on thinking that. If we turn out like 2018, do the math, Trump can't win. He barely, barely eaked it out last time. He knows it too, and if he loses immunity, could end up in Prison.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Dweeb, put down the pipe- he has no chance in a national election and the DNC has even acknowledged that. Perhaps you haven't seen how they are pandering to Bloomberg in an effort to help him win the nomination?

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