Kern County Superior Court Judge David Lampe has ruled that owner Cathy Miller can continue to refuse to make wedding cakes for same sex couples.

Here's a recap of what went down since the original complaint by the couple in August 2017.

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As a Christian, we are required to love others and share our faith not just in words but in deeds. How we live our faith out is so much more important than what we say. I feel that it is a waste of our tax dollars as a whole community complaining about small issues that do not matter in the big scheme of things. There are children dying, sex trafficking going on down the street, people hating each other and shootings, homeless issues where people once thrived. These matters are more important than who will bake a cake a certain way. If you do not agree, go somewhere else where someone will aceppt your dollars. We do not need to take every matter to court. Our life does not consist in the abundance of things. I have had situations where I easily had a lawsuit but chose not to fight that battle. I had more important matters and I knew I could overcome without that persons help and their family had nothing to do with their decisions. That mattered to me more. In closing, this is my suggestion about the whole baking cakes, etc. Plenty of resources for excellent cakes to suit your desires and needs, if it is truly that important to you. Thiis is where I suggest your energies should be focused. I may not agree on certain issues based on my faith and am compelled to please God and not man. At the same time, we all must make a choice in the life we choose to live. I hope this resource gives you what your really looking for.

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