Monday was the first day of classes for schools across the Bakersfield City School District and Kern High School District. Instruction was held in a distance-learning format to curtail the spread of COVID-19. And, despite some technological glitches experienced in both Zoom and Canvas — the online learning platforms that have been primary tools during the remote learning period — local administrators said those issues were ironed out early in the day.

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Donna Semar

"What is said in the circle stays in the circle"?! Yikes. Additionally, is the use of a "." no longer?

Masked 2020

Well.... I turned off Bloody-back-to-School-Shark-Week...and caught the DonkeysEnd of dayOne of Infamy.....what's with those eyes? you think he was playing makeup with Kimberly and she maybe got carried away with her Genucel?....


Why do you always display this level of histrionics is it pms or what?


Talk about eyes, did you see Biden’s at the DNCe party? They looked so vacant, definitely the lights are on but nobodies home look. He was having a hard time parroting what they were telling him to say through his ear piece that’s for sure.... Our choices are one who is insane or one who is a lunatic. God help us.


My high school senior had three classes online today. One teacher was online for 30 minutes , another for 45 minutes and the third for an hour. Tomorrow she has two classes, just wonder how long those two teachers will be online? I would love to work only a portion of the required time yet still get paid the full amount.

Another Independent Voter

What a total disaster. A disservice to children, their parents - and an outrage for any taxpayer footing the bill for any school district bond measure attached to their property taxes.


And the teachers' Union and CTA want more money. All they do is protect useless, woke/progressive/ liberals brainwashing your kids. The indoctrination of the next generation is happing in all public schools as we speak.

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