Thursday was National Day of Prayer, with several hundred Bakersfield residents gathering midday at the Liberty Bell on Truxtun Avenue to show their faith. The event was organized by Canyon Hills Church and featured unified prayers focusing on the nation returning to God. It included specific prayers for the city, its churches and elected officials. It was the 68th annual National Day of Prayer and the 33rd year the event has been held in Bakersfield. 

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Petitionary Prayer has evolved from cringing entreaties to spare people from the wrath of God or the gods, to our more sophisticated prayers today. Over the last two millennia there has been much written, anecdotally, about the power of prayer. But, is there any real evidence that any deity or other entity is listening and acting on any prayers or is this just wishful thinking? Oh, wait! The prayers for rain by people in Bakersfield a few years ago were answered. It eventually rained. We could debate about what constitutes an appropriate time lag. Were any prayers of the millions of Jews killed in the Holocaust answered? Were any prayers of the tens of millions of people killed by the plague answered? Were any prayers of the millions of parents whose children ultimately died of terrible diseases answered? The list goes on and on.
But why would God need the prayer of faith before taking action? If you know your children need help, you wouldn't wait for their prayers of faith to you before acting.

What superstitious nonsense


Much like Earth Day.

Muhammad Fatwa al Jihad

Really? Earth Day celebrates the planet and our efforts to keep it safe, clean, and healthy. Nothing superstitious about that.

Inconvenient Truth

Atheists who lecture others on morality are funny.

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