As Bakersfield's hospitals fill up with COVID-19 patients, the work of the doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists and others who care for the sick has become exhausting and overwhelming. With COVID-19 raging throughout Kern County, these workers describe arriving to work each day to find more patients in beds, who are sicker than their typical hospital patients and suffering alone with no family by their side.

These frontline workers spend 12 or more hours tending to patients, fielding calls from loved ones wanting updates, rushing to help crashing patients and sometimes holding a hand as a last breath is exhaled. Then they go home, often still thinking about their patients or mentally preparing to see their families, stripping out of scrubs in the garage and heading straight to the shower, trying to hide from any small children who might run in for a hug or kiss too soon.

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I'm gonna be honest. I wish, with everything in me, that bakersfield would actually figure out that this virus does not care one little bit what your politics are. It just wants to spread and kill your parents. Thats ALL it wants. AND, most of Bakersfield is trying to help it.


Yes, Trump has hurt us. My God, first it was a hoax, then it was going away on Tuesday, then the imbecilic "if we stop testing, Covid will stop killing people." Then it was hurry up and open, then it was masks are optional. He dismantled the very organization that combats pandemics. But you think the stupidest guy in his class knows more than the premiere professionals in the field.

And you call others sheep. He's the President, not some arbitrary looter. Well, common looter. Viruses don't care if it's spread at protests, the Mall, sporting events, or campaign rallies. It cares nothing about our political opinions.

ALL put others in danger, and this is just the first round.


Trump supporters just ignore these poor people who are deathly ill in hospitals. The economy is more important to them.

It sickens me.


exactly how are trump supporters ignoring these people ? it's the young protesters who are spreading.


Blah Blah, it's the protesters, it's the protesters. Listen, pal, who was the only one to hold 2 in-person, inside, rallies of over 5,000 with no masks? Thank god he is so despised right now he could not fill Tulsa!

Gene Pool Chlorinator


So, mental midget, there was a spike three weeks post Tulsa rally and it's Trump's fault, but the spike three weeks post BLM protests has no correlation to those protests?

Also, contact tracing in Tulsa and in various other cities where protests were held, has largely been inconclusive (read: they can't establish the cause 100%) because many people being contacted have not been forthcoming about their locations during the incubation periods. Tulsa health officials can only offer a "most likely" in their assessment- that's not conclusive, sorry.

Also, if your Guv prohibited singing during church gatherings (with people in masks) because he was SO concerned about the spread, you're really going to still say that hundreds of thousands of protesters, standing shoulder-to-shoulder, screaming at the top of their lungs (many without masks- keep in mind cloth masks are nowhere near 100% effective against COVID-19) didn't cause any spread?

If you actually believe that, you are truly either ignorant or a fool- or both...


Wow, I go out of state for a while and the trolls are out of control I see.

GPC - You should really not waste your time with casones. You know it is bat poop crazy. And as for ‘deeb, you know she is just a troll with nothin’ better to do....


My cup of LEFTIST TEARS will be empty, but I'm certain your tears will fill a bucket full and my cup after November. Yum Yum!! They sure are salty.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Seriously Dweeb, why is everything bad in this world Trump's fault?

Like I've said, I'm no water carrier for POTUS, but people like you that are so single-mindedly obsessed (read: TDS) that you'll even blame the crucifixion of Christ on Trump, if you weren't a loud-and-proud atheist, that is...

As far as the economy, again- and I'll say this until you offer a rebuke- you don't work and you don't have anyone to support, so the whole "lockdown" hasn't affected your life nearly as much as those of us that are paying for your monthly check...

Gene Pool Chlorinator

@Veritas, you are correct. I only recently fed Yuckies and Dweeb, but I've been keeping distance because it only makes them feel more important. Casones (aka MrKnowNothingAtAll) is a waste of time- they continue to present a more disheveled mindset that would actually be amusing, if it wasn't so true (and sad).

I'll work to be better- I promise! [wink]


GPC, It is not an indictment on you. Seems we both can’t help but expose the crazies for what they are, and throw a little reason out there at the same time...


Let the idiot blame Trump. It's all leftist have since they're own self-worth is zero.


Yes, the economy is important and know this dweeb; for every tear you cry for those with the virus, two more will likely lose their lives without being infected. Why? Because if the economy fails you won't have to worry about a vaccine. You can stop your virtue signaling. Everyone here knows you're a sorry excuse for a joke of a person.

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