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"Kern River Blues" - Merle Haggard tribute performed by Crimson Skye

I am proud to be a Bakersfield native and a lover of the Kern River which used to flow all the way through the city. We've lost generations waiting for a flowing river to return to Bakersfield, including the legendary Merle Haggard. In "Kern River Blues," Merle's last recorded song before he died, he sang that he was "leaving town forever" and lamented that the Kern River was dry. On this exact day, 45 years ago, the city of Bakersfield bought some of the rights to the Kern River, but the city continues to be thwarted in efforts to restore a flowing Kern River. With the State Water Board currently holding a hearing on the Kern River, it's finally time for the status quo to change and for the Kern to flow again - Merle would have wanted it that way. We can't lose another generation waiting for a flowing Kern River. This tribute to Merle Haggard is intended to help bring awareness to the goal of restoring a fully flowing Kern River to the city of Bakersfield. Thank you to Bring Back the Kern for your incredible efforts and for igniting this musical tribute.