Noemi Chavez

Noemi Chavez

Starting a new business can be difficult and stressful for anyone. Knowing how, when or where to start can mean long time of researching, asking, coming and going in the search to have a successful experience.

New businesses face lots of challenges, and patience and hard work are vital to succeed in the competitive business world.

It’s no secret that for great business results, it is always better to count on people who have already walked the path to avoid problems or obstacles that experienced entrepreneurs and startups have already gone through and know how to overcome.

Fortunately, entrepreneurs and startups at Bakersfield have been able to count on SCORE, an initiative that seeks to help, advise and support business beginners with their projects by offering them advice, information, assessment and much more.

SCORE is a nonprofit initiative that offers free business advice to entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses to help them thrive into successful businesses.

SCORE gives free and confidential advice to thousands of clients at any of its over 300 offices located all over the country.

SCORE is a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration that mentors and offers free or low-cost workshops to support the success of small businesses nationwide.

For this, SCORE offers each business starter the mentorship and advice from any of its expert business volunteers, who form a network of assessors all over the country.

SCORE meetings with the experts are strictly confidential and at no cost for the interested person, no matter how many meetings they have.

SCORE also offers free or low-cost workshops, to learn important skills to help businesses thrive, in addition to events where people can receive valuable information that will help their business grow.

Noemi Chavez is the founder of Chavez Web Design LLC, a Bakersfield web design company that specializes in web design and digital marketing. She is also an active volunteer and instructor with SCORE. Her website is For more information on SCORE and upcoming events call 661-520-9083 or visit

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