Incentive Funding for Commercial Landscapers

Public agencies and private entities in the valley air basin portion of Kern County may receive up to $25,000 annually through the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District’s Clean Green Yard Machines: Commercial Voucher Program.

The program provides incentives for the replacement of landscape maintenance equipment to lawn care providers. Applicants can switch their gas- or diesel-powered professional landscape maintenance equipment used for their daily operations to a zero-emission, all-electric battery equivalent.

Funding for this program is on a first-come, first-served basis. To qualify, 100 percent of landscape maintenance operations must occur within the geographic area of the San Joaquin Valley air basin. This is a voucher program; one must obtain approval from the Valley Air District by submitting a completed application before purchasing or disposing of any eligible equipment. In order to test out the new battery-operated electric equipment to determine its viability for their business, an interested agency may apply for a piece of equipment and then reapply later the same year for additional pieces.

Funding will be limited to $25,000 annually per applicant. Refer to the chart for funding breakdown.

To participate in this program, visit to review application and program guidelines. New equipment must be of the same type as the old equipment and is funded on a 1-to-1 replacement ratio (i.e., one old gas-powered edger for one new electric-powered edger). Old equipment must be fully functional and surrendered to an approved dismantler for permanent destruction.

For more information, contact the Bakersfield District Office at 661-392-5500.

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