Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts

Offense earns touchdowns.

Offense wins games.

Offense wins championships.

When I heard there was an inkling the upcoming season of the National Football League may not be canceled, my heart jumped for joy. To say a ray of sunshine shot through the desolate dark doldrums of discernable decay from this COVID-19 crisis is an understatement.

My beloved Minnesota Vikings, my beloved “Giant Purple People Eaters,” my team that has gone to the “big game” four times — and lost all four times — are once again going to have the opportunity to wreak havoc on those milksop cheeseheads to the east.

If not for those pesky 49ers, who were later defeated by the Kansas City Chiefs, my beloved Vikings would have returned to the football Valhalla this past season.

But no.

It was not meant to be.

Crushed by an insurmountable offence and a better-than-average defense, our dreams of glory were dashed.



Little did the Minnesota Vikings and I know, as the end of last season drew to a close, another foe brewed.

Quieter, stealthy, more ravaging than any vengeful linebacker, a new villain reared its ugly head.

All practices were cancelled.

All future meetings were drawn from home.

Even the upcoming draft is going to be socially distanced.

One of the pleasures of being the host of the “Small Business Celebration” podcast is I get to interview and learn wisdom from successful small-business owners and small-business leaders.

I share many interviews from successful business owners who not only survived the Great Recession of 2008, but thrived from it. I enjoy asking them not only what made them successful, but how they continue to be successful.

Here’s what a few of them are saying:

“Charge the bullet.” — Jerry Tyler, president, Heart of Nature

“Do more than you normally would to keep your business growing.” — Donna Schwartz, CEO, Emerald Enterprises

“A single word can set the direction of your business.” — Janelle Capra, CEO of Capra PR and executive director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Association of Kern County

Thematically, what single word do the first two business leaders have in common?


The question the strong and profitable leader is asking is, “What can I do NOW to prepare for life AFTER the COVID-19 pandemic?”

What is your business going to be like when this crisis is over?

How is your business going to be different from everybody else?

What are you going to do today to have a strong and profitable business?

Offense, offense, offense.

Offense scores touchdowns.

Offense wins games.

Offense wins championships.

Offense wins your heart.

Offense wins your family.

Offense carries you from where your business is now to where you want to be.

Take this moment and think and plan:

What are you going to do now to prepare for when this crisis is over?

How are you going go about doing it?

What personnel do you need?

What resources do you need?

What further advice do you need from others to score touchdowns, win games and win the championship?

This is the time for offense.

Think plan, prepare, execute, win.

Think offense, offense, offense, offense.

Michael I. Roberts is the host of Kern County’s No. 1 small-business podcast, “Small Business Celebration.” Subscribe to the “Small Business Celebration” podcast on your mobile device using the Apple Podcasts app or the Stitcher app or listen on YouTube where you can learn something today to grow a strong and profitable business.

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