The National, Amtrak’s on-board magazine, October/ November

The magazine, distributed on Amtrak trains systemwide with a readership of 5 million, spotlights Bakersfield in its “The Weekender” section. The article highlights the Padre Hotel, Wind Wolves Preserve, Bakersfield Museum of Art, the Fox Theater, The 18hundred, Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace and the Woolworth’s Luncheonette.

Quote: “Two hours south of Fresno on the San Joaquins, this Central Valley city — an inspiration to John Steinbeck and Buck Owens — remains a center for Western culture.”

Publication: Bon Appétit, October

In its “Highly Recommended” column, dedicated to its “very opinionated editors’ favorite things to eat, drink and buy,” the magazine praises Dewar’s taffy chews. The article is titled, “More Likely Than Not, I’ve Got One of These Taffies in My Pocket. And Maaaaaybe I’ll Share.”

Quote: “Holiday gatherings at my grandparents’ house always went down the same way: Gramma cooked, Papa smoked cigars, and everybody unwrapped and ate Dewar’s taffy chews by the handful. To be clear, these are not the neon-colored saltwater taffies that sit in bulk bins for weeks on end. Since 1909, Dewar’s Candy Shop in Bakersfield, California, has made its chews fresh every single day. As a kid, I would keep a small collection of these taffy chews in my pockets and try to ration them until the next family gathering. But now that I live across the country, I just order a box to be delivered whenever I need a fix. Which is a lot more often than once a year.”

Publication: Wine and Weekends, October

This travel blog praises Bakersfield’s Padre Hotel.

Quote: “I stayed in Bakersfield for one night after visiting Sequoia National Park that day and leaving for Death Valley and then Vegas the following day. It was an excellent in-between location for my scenario. The Padre Hotel is one of the most beautiful and unique hotels that I have ever had the privilege of working with. I would fly back to Bakersfield just to have a staycation at The Padre Hotel.”

Publication: Yosemite National Park Journal, November

This 96-page publication includes four road trips, two of which — the “Best of the Coast” and “Viva Las Vegas” — include Bakersfield. The magazine mentions several Bakersfield venues, such as Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace, Merry Go Round Antique Mall, Five & Dime Antique Mall, Woolworth Diner, Kern County Museum and California Fruit Depot. Yosemite National Park Journal has a circulation of 100,000, including copies sold on newsstands nationwide, on and distributed throughout California at California Welcome Centers, airports and other locations. It also is available for purchase on Nook, iPad, Kindle and soon on Zinio.

Quote: “Bakersfield (is) a bustling metropolis of 540,000-plus people. It’s a hub for oil production, agriculture and birthplace of the Bakersfield Sound, a twangy genre of country music that was influenced by rock and electrified instruments. Framed in the distance by the Tehachapi Mountains to the east and the Temblor Range to the west, Bakersfield has a number of local attractions worth experiencing.”

Publication: Matador Network

The article “8 awesomely diverse US cities (and why you should visit)” spotlights Bakersfield’s young population and its ethnic and linguistic diversity compared with its neighbors. The article also mentions Woolworth’s lunch counter and Wool Growers. The other seven cities highlighted in the article are Charlotte; Reno, Indianapolis Minneapolis-St. Paul, Richmond, Philadelphia and Little Rock.

Quote: “The new Bakersfield has emerged as a cultural melting pot that celebrates its diversity with festivals and events throughout the year. The city’s calendar includes an annual Celtic music festival, Greek food festival, Italian street art festival, Jewish food festival and menudo cook-off.”

Publication: New York Times

In the article “A Taste of Home for California’s Punjabi Truck Drivers,” the Times discusses the roadside food trucks that cater to California’s growing number of Punjabi truck drivers, with praise for Punjabi Dhaba, a family-run truck in Bakersfield.

Quote: “For over a century, Bakersfield and its tastes have grown alongside its immigrant work force. When Basque immigrants came to the region in the late 1800s, to farm sheep and grain, boardinghouses sprang up near the train depot, along with kitchens that specialized in comfort food for shepherds from the Pyrenees. That culinary legacy survives in a handful of eastside bakeries and restaurants, including Noriega Hotel, which serves an early breakfast of fried eggs with chistorra — a smoky pork sausage, dyed red with paprika — and dinner with sides of beans and pickled tongue. Punjabi Dhaba, along with the city’s Sikh temples and Indian grocery stories, points to the influence of a more recent wave of immigration to Bakersfield.”

Publication: SPG’s 2019 Sports Guide to California

This is one of 16 destination guides produced by Sports Planning Guide (SPG), the largest circulation publication in the sports event planning industry, with combined print and digital circulation of more than 86,000 print and digital readers.

Quote: “Why Bakersfield? That’s easy. It’s a perfectly sized modern city with state-of-the-art facilities, a large inventory of clean, family oriented hotel rooms, dozens of welcoming restaurants and a city leadership that values our championships and supports us in every way possible. Bakersfield is a tremendous host.”

Publication: News release from Level 3 Design Group, November.

The release provided details on the final stages of renovation of the DoubleTree by Hilton, Bakersfield’s largest hotel.

Quote: “Thanks to the substantial inflow of millennials, tourism and new businesses like Amazon, the hotel industry is booming in Bakersfield.”

David Lyman, Ph.D., is manager of Visit Bakersfield. He and his staff help visitors from throughout the world spend their money and find “The Sound of Something Better” in California’s ninth-largest city. They are available toll-free 866-425-7353 or at

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