Family photos from Go Fund Me page

An image posted on the Go Fund Me page set up by the family of shooter Javier Casarez and his ex-wife Petra Maribel Bolanos de Casarez.

In a court filing made 12 days before last week's deadly shooting rampage, the ex-wife of the shooter asked for child and spousal support from her former husband, and control of the family home they shared. 

The filings said Javier Casarez constantly threatened his wife of 28 years, Petra Maribel Bolanos de Casarez, with divorce and verbally abused and degraded her. He filed for divorce in late 2017 and told her she wouldn't get anything in the divorce and kicked her out of their home in May, according to court documents. Prior to that he had intercepted mail coming to their home about upcoming divorce hearings and the marriage was dissolved by default, the filing said. 

"It also took me some time to get over my fear and get the courage to ask for help," Bolanos de Casarez said in her request to the court. "Please do not punish me for my ignorance."

Casarez brought his ex-wife to a trucking company in the early evening of Sept. 12, where he shot her, and two male employees, Manuel Contreras, 50 and Antonio Valdez, 50. He then went to a house on Breckenridge road and shot dead Laura Garcia, 31, and her father Eliseo Garcia Cazares before carjacking a vehicle. He shot himself after being confronted by a deputy at a business he'd pulled into on Edison Highway.

The handgun used in the shooting spree was legally obtained in 2004 in Fresno, according to Kern County Sheriff's officials.

Casarez used a Smith & Wesson Model 500 handgun in the shootings. The gun is a .50-caliber revolver and is one of the largest caliber handguns on the market, the sheriff had previously said.

The new information seems to indicate the gun — which Smith & Wesson's website describes as the "most powerful production revolver in the world" — was not purchased with the sole intent to carry out the killings. And while court documents indicate a sordid divorce was playing out between the couple, little else remains known about what prompted Casarez to carry out the killing rampage.

The coroner's office said exams of the victims and the killer were scheduled to take place this week but couldn't immediately say if they had happened or whether the bodies are still in their custody.

A GoFundMe Page set up by the oldest of the couple's six children the couple had raised $5,500 out its $20,000 goal in five days as of Wednesdayevening.

Beneath photos of the couple it said: "The Casarez family is asking for help, even though it's unfortunate what has occurred any donations would be greatly appreciated. All proceeds will be towards funeral expenses. Aside from what the media has portrayed they were loving and caring parents." 

Comments left on the page hint at a family situation that may have been outwardly loving but troubled below the surface.

"Maribel lived in fear of her life and finally got the courage to get help to leave this monster who was sick with jealousy and was a psychopath," a commenter named Cyn wrote.

"I feel bad for Javier, only god know's what he found out! a man can go crazy!" a commenter named Janet posted.

Some commenters were outraged that funds were being requested for a man who murdered five people.

"Very sad Javier kills 5 people, one being his EX wife, and you still want to burry them together, that has control issues all over it!!! Sad that people are still willing to fund a killer," a poster named Dannie wrote.

"So jealousy makes murder ok?!!" Dannie said in another post. No it doesn't, Murder is NEVER ok, people are so ignorant.

Californian staffers Jason Kotowski and Stacey Shepard contributed to this report.

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Just a question. How is this diffent than Shiria law? Liberals are ok with that though....right ? Just curious.


Those poor kids. One funeral will be hard enough, especially under these circumstances. May they heal in someway.


If the guy was still alive he would probably shoot you for that comment! Talking about his mom like that!


How do REAL MEN treat women? Blaine Hodge, the man who stopped the man from attacking the woman with a machete in a Bakersfield Starbuck's, says this:
"On that note, I need to turn the narrative to the big picture. Teach your boys to love and respect women, to take rejection as an opening door to the rest of their lives, to be comfortable in themselves and to hold the women in their lives as holy. This event, what happened to me and that woman in Starbucks last Sunday, this is what happens. This is the result of a man thinking he has the right to a woman’s life. This is the result of one person not taking the time to teach him what is right. Please, if you’d like to donate more: donate to a shelter, donate to the Jamison Center, donate your time and love to the young ones around you. Teach them. Love them. Thank you."


May Javier Casarez and every man who abuses women rot in Hades. And may those who raise boys to be men who abuse women also rot in Hades.


So your saying ignorance should be punishable? And for the guy that got in front of machete ,since he did that it does not make him intelligent,but he would probably be a better president!

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