It was probably only a matter of time before Hollywood made a movie about Merle Haggard. It seems all the legends get a biopic, and soon it will be Hag’s turn.

While the film is only in very early stages, a necessary first step has been taken: screenwriter Cliff Hollingsworth has finished the script for “Done It All,” which GMH Productions has optioned, reported.

The project was developed with Carl Cooper, a friend Haggard put in charge of plans for a potential movie on his life, according to the Deadline article. Producer Donald Kushner first had the idea for a movie on Haggard’s life and later tapped Hollingsworth, scribe of “Cinderella Man,” to pen the script. The search for actors and a director will begin “shortly,” Deadline wrote.

As fans of the Bakersfield icon know well, the title of the film comes from Haggard’s hit song of the same name. The script is said to follow the country musician’s life from his childhood to his rise to stardom, and all the ups and downs in between.