Joanne Shaw Taylor

Acclaimed blues artist Joanne Shaw Taylor will play the Fox Theater on April 4.

Joanne Shaw Taylor is widely considered a blues artist, but she doesn't consider any of her nine studio albums to be blues records and she doesn't write what she sees as blues songs.

"I've always said I'm a blues guitarist, I'm a soul singer and a pop-rock writer and it all just kind of jumbles together, because I'm hugely influenced by blues, but when I learned to sing, I was never going to sound like Freddie King or Howlin' Wolf," said Taylor, who will play the Fox Theater on Tuesday. "All my influences were male, so I had to seek out other music forms with female voices. And then again, just as a music fan, I love good pop songs, whether that's David Bowie or Bonnie Raitt or Fleetwood Mac or, I love Harry Styles new album. So it's a bit of a jumble, but there's certainly a blues influence in there."