It’s never easy to say goodbye to old friends, even harder is saying farewell to friends whose lives were just hitting their stride.

Only 33, Bridget Soto tragically passed away late last month while in San Bernardino to attend a music festival. When she was found unresponsive inside a vehicle, emergency workers tried to revive her but were unsuccessful.

A beautiful memorial was held in Bakersfield on Sept. 16, just three days shy of her 34th birthday. Family and friends shared stories, tears, smiles, hugs, and plenty of laughs just as she’d wanted it.

Soto was a mother, daughter and friend to many — including me. I had the privilege of knowing her most of her life. Her mother, champion cross-country runner Becky Soto, was the pride of the athletic program at my alma mater, McFarland High School. Becky Soto, who helped lay the foundation for the school’s winning reputation and future Hollywood fame, sadly passed away when Bridget was just a child. Embraced by her large loving family, whom I also knew closely, Bridget Soto grew to be a charming young woman.

But let’s not make this a eulogy, because she wouldn’t want that.

Upon receiving the heartbreaking morning news that Soto had passed, I was flooded by memories of my fellow serious music fan. For most of our friendship, our mutual appreciation for the arts was what kept us on each other’s radar.

My last close interaction with Soto was a few years ago while I was working at the Bakersfield Museum of Art. After putting out the word for community volunteers to help tidy up the museum grounds, I was greeted by a trio of early Saturday morning smiles from Soto, her boyfriend, Benjamin Peck, and their son, Mason, in his stroller, who were all ready to get to work. We had a good time that day.

Soto's uncle Chuck Zavala Bullard, who helped raise her along with his loving husband, Bobby, remembers her as the light in every room.

“She loved concerts. She had purchased Bruno Mars tickets for November to go with (her uncle and aunt) Rick and Davina. She was always going to festivals. They even took (her 4-year-old) Mason to a music festival near San Francisco. I have a video of him dancing to the music.”

Adding she had love for all music, no matter the genre, Soto could always be counted on to make a splash.

“If someone said, ‘Let’s go to a concert,’ she was ready to go. We took her to the American Music Awards, and she slipped up to the front where the musicians sat and we could see her sitting next to Steven Tyler during the live telecast.”

More than just a great companion, Soto was also full of life, and ready to share hers with others.

“Bridget was a caring person who looked out for the underdog," her uncle said. "She was too caring to a fault, but that was her personality. I will most be proud of the way she treated other human beings.”

He recalled his final conversation with his niece.

“She was standing in the kitchen excited about the concert in San Bernardino. She was telling me the names of the bands and I didn't know any of them. She was listing the names and I kept saying, ‘I don't know them?’ I told her to call me when she got there and to call me when she was on her way home. We said our ‘I love yous’ and that was the last time I spoke with her.”

“I want them to remember her with a kind heart, her hearty laugh and the love of her family,” said Bullard. “She was outgoing and loved being a social butterfly just like us, and loved being in the mix of things. I want people to remember her for her sense of humor. Boy, did we laugh!”

My condolences to Bridget’s entire family, friends and everybody affected by this great loss.

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