If not permanently closed, longtime Bakersfield watering hole and music venue B Ryder’s is currently not open for business.

Opening in 2009, B Ryder's hosted some of the more hipper touring acts through a partnership with Numbskull Shows along with regular local band bookings. Boasting one of the best in-house stages and sound systems, B Ryder’s earned a reputation as one of Bakersfield’s best all-ages live music venues.

While the venue experienced a few closings over the years for a variety of reasons (including a brief suspension last November involving a tax issue), the club would often re-open just time for the next big show to pick up where it left off. With this latest incident, however, it doesn’t sound like the club will be back anytime soon, if ever.

According to a former B Ryder’s employee, who chose to remain anonymous, the club’s official final day of operation was Aug. 16, adding that news of the club’s sudden closure was a surprise to employees.

(Efforts to connect with Brian Ryder, owner of B Ryder’s, who responded he would be in touch to discuss the closure, were not successful as of press time.)

News of the possible closure began last month on social media.

An Aug. 17 post on the club's Facebook page announced a show featuring Sacramento emo-core band Slaves slated for the southwest venue was being moved to the nearby 1st Amendment Tattoo.

While that venue change was announced online, there was no advance word when a Kottonmouth Kings Aug. 31 concert was canceled. An angry fan, who went to buy tickets that morning, posted a photo of a notice on B Ryder's door announcing the venue's closing.

When complaints from Kottonmouth Kings tickets holders multiplied that afternoon, another post appeared at the B Ryder’s Facebook: “Due to the sudden temporary closure of BRyder's tonight's Kottonmouth Kings show has been cancelled. We tried mightily to relocate the show but no other space became available. Refunds at point of purchase. Thank you for your understanding."

Not long after, I reached out to Ryder for answers. Although he responded that he would call me for an interview, that phone call never happened.

I did however reach promoter Eddy "Numbskull" Burgos, who had been booking the majority of the shows at B Ryder’s. He gave no reason as to why the club was not open but said he was working on moving shows as quickly as he could to suitable music venues including Temblor Brewing Co., 1933, Jerry’s Pizza and 1st Amendment Tattoo.

"I would direct them to numbskullshows.com," Burgos said in a text on Tuesday when asked the best way for fans and ticket holders to get the latest show updates.

As of Wednesday, three of the six shows still listed on the B Ryder’s event page had already been relocated.

The next two shows: 

Popular Santa Cruz reggae rock outfit The Expendables, which will perform 7 p.m. Friday at 1933, 7900 Downing Ave. Tickets are $20 for the all-ages show. For information, call 829-5377.

Trainwreck, featuring Kyle Gass of Tenacious D, will perform at Temblor Brewing Co., 3200 Buck Owens Blvd., at 8 p.m. Wednesday. Tickets are $12 for the 18-and-over show. For more information, call 489-4855.

B Ryder's continues to maintain this is a "temporary closure" on its Facebook page, and we’ll keep you posted.

Matt’s pick

Krang, Sandrini’s Public House, 1918 Eye St. 9 p.m. Thursday. Free. 322-8900.

Talk about being far away from home: Czech Republic skate punk quartet Krang is on the road looking for fans in low places. Their sound is fast, pounding and melodic, perfect for saying adios to summer in Bako. Fans of NOFX will dig these guys. Also appearing is Me 2nd, Jared Stinson (Sic Waiting, Dead Frets). Let’s show these Czechs a good time in Bako, shall we?

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