Congratulations are once again in order for Bakersfield actress, dancer, and rapper, Prymrr LoBasso, for winning big at the Young Artists Academy Awards ceremony on July 14 at the Avalon in Hollywood.

Taking home the award for “Best Performance in a Music Video, Teen Artist” for her music video “Gamblin’”, LoBasso’s calculated career moves have so far made the 13-year old triple threat a talent to be dealt with.

“I was so surprised and excited to win,” said LoBasso who was 12 at the time of the song’s original release. “The music video was put together with a lot of help from local Bakersfield talent. It was a small but dedicated crew.”

The Young Artists Academy Awards recognizes youth performers under the age of 21 in the fields of film, television, theatre and music. Founded in 1978 through the Young Artist Association, a non-profit organization that offers scholarships and financial help to those pursuing careers in the arts, the first awards were presented in 1979. Previous winners include Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Zendaya, Julia Roberts, Johnny Depp, Scarlett Johansson, Selena Gomez, Emma Watson, and more. This year marked the awards 40th anniversary.

The video, shot and directed at various locations throughout Bakersfield and Kern County by local filmmaker Fabian Euresti Vasquez and co-produced by her mother Lisa LoBasso, has received over 26,000 views and counting on Youtube since its release last November. The video also includes a number of local performers, dancers, and extras cast in various roles.

“Fabian and I have known each other for a long time and have previously worked on projects so I knew he would be the perfect choice to direct this music video,” said Lisa LoBasso. “We are able to connect artistically and communicate easily to create the aesthetic Prymrr wanted.”

Add it to Prymrr’s (pronounced ‘Premiere’) growing stage resume that includes her stint starring in the music video, “Straight Outta Vagina,” by Russian political punk rockers Pussy Riot in 2016 and “Never Give Up” by best-selling singer songwriter Sia, both of which can be found online. There’s also commercial work with companies such as Nike, Alcatel and Alexa.

“This is the first major producing project I have worked on and it was a large undertaking, especially on our tight budget, but it was definitely a success. Everyone had a blast on set and we are very happy with the end project,” said Lisa LoBasso.

This was Prymrr LoBasso’s second time attending the Young Artists Academy Awards show. Last year she was a presenter and double nominee, but no wins. This year she returned primed as both a featured group performer and winner, but most of all she was just happy to be there.

“Last year I was so nervous about giving an acceptance speech I was glad when I didn’t win. This year I was so focused on performing and making sure I did a good job presenting. I was really shocked when I won because I had forgotten about my nomination at the time,” she said.

“It’s not a rags-to-riches story yet. No beach or LA house,” said Lisa LoBasso. “We drive back and forth on a regular basis. It’s exhausting and a lot of work for both Prymrr and I. It's also a hardship on our family as a whole and we all have to be patient with each other because getting into the industry requires a lot of dedication and work beyond talent. She is very dedicated.”

Humbly basking in the glow of her win, Prymrr LoBasso recalls her favorite part of the whole video experience.

“The best part was that I got to feature my grandpa at the poker table. He gets a closeup when he tells the guys to grab me and throw me out of the game," she said. "All his friends are asking him if he is famous now.”

To be continued.


The hyper creative state of Bakersfield hip-hop continues staking its claim in our section of the valley with the addition of “CriteYear” the new album by local rapper, radio personality and event promoter, Winston Crite Jr.

To celebrate the album's release (the album dropped online in May), CriteNite will be held at Elements Venue on Saturday. The gathering of fellow local artists is no ordinary soirée and will include a full schedule of performances, crowd games, giveaways and a dining experience.

“Local artists are branding and marketing themselves instead of just releasing music. Fans and radio stations are grouping up and supporting those artists, and there are dozens of indie hip-hop events going down every month,” said Crite, who many locals know as the host of the "Saturday Night Street Party" on Hot 94.1.

“I don’t just want people to have a good time. We plan to deliver a unique experience they can remember for a lifetime,” he said.

The ambitious undertaking by Crite and crew will begin with a red carpet entrance into the venue at 7 p.m., leading into the show’s program featuring performances from Itze Garcia, Gage Navarro, Silas Black, Jovon Dangerfield, Jehdiah Woodrow, Jay Jay Hicks, Nick Bonner, and more. The evening will also include a live performance by Crite, followed by an after party with DJ Dynomit3. Your host emcee for the event: local hip-hop humanitarian Blaine Hodge, who also performs using the stage name ‘Static’.

“You’re not coming to hear me just run through my music. This is an immersive experience full of sights sounds, tastes, vibes and more. No two moments will be the same,” Crite said.

But wait there’s more: “CriteYear” is actually a double album. The first disc can be streamed on all major digital platforms including Apple Music, etc., while the second disc is only available to those who purchase the album in its entirety via his official website Copies of the album will be available for purchase at the event. Crite on.

“The response has been more positive than I could have dreamed," he said. "I’m blessed to not only have this talent, but to have so many people that are willing to seek me out in order to enjoy it.”

Advanced tickets for Saturday’s event are available for $15 and $30 at Elements Venue is located at 3401 Chester Ave. next door to La Costa at The Ice House.

Matt’s Pick

Trish Toledo, MC Magic, 8 p.m. Friday, La Movida, 212 E. 18th St., $30 plus service charge. 18 & over admitted. (562) 331-5315. When vintage soul singer Trish Toledo steps up to the mic to enchant her audience of adoring fans, it’s like stepping back to a bygone era. Hailing from the city of Long Beach, the silky smooth chanteuse has been filling venues of every size up and down the state and whipping fans into a musical trance-like state of romance. From essential Lowrider soul classics to originals, Toledo is the real deal. Check out her music videos at Youtube for a preview. Co-headliner MC Magic also has his healthy share of radio and underground hits not to be missed. Also appearing is June Rossi, D-Loc, Malik. Highly recommended.

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