The tributes to Blaine Hodge, the man who saved a woman from a Sept. 9 machete attack at a Bakersfield Starbucks cafe, continue to come in.

So does the money, by way of a Go Fund Me account ( established by friends.

Hodge needs it, friends said, because his recovery could last six weeks or longer. He was discharged from Kern Medical on Wednesday and is resting at home.

Hodge suffered at least seven machete wounds including one to his right hand that his friend, Evan Ross, said may never fully heal.

"The doctors said the surgery went well and he should expect to get most of the use of his right hand back," Ross said, "but it'll never be the same."

Hodge, at Starbucks for a business meeting, witnessed what seemed likely to result in a gruesome murder and threw himself between a woman and her machete-wielding attacker. In doing so, he likely saved her life, but at a great cost.

He suffered a least seven distinct machete injuries, none more concerning that his hand.

"He's right handed, but his handwriting was never that great anyway," said Ross, trying to lighten the mood. "He broke some fingers playing high school football, so he already was used to hand injuries.

"But most of his tendons were severed and it wasn't even a clean cut. "So it's going to be a long time."

Those who want to help him financially can write to: Blaine Hodge, P.O Box 22707, Bakersfield, CA 93390.

Hodge is a rapper, singer, actor and spoken-word artist known to his fans as Static. He plans to release an album at the end of September, ironically titled "Mind of a Hero" -- named long before the Starbucks incident.

His release show is scheduled for Sept. 29 at Sandrinis Public House in Bakersfield. The album will be available for sale online shortly afterward. For details, visit

Donations to Hodge, direct or via GoFundMe, will be used for anything from loss of income to new shoes, gas to travel to therapy appointments, continuing his music career, and "the occasional pizza," according to his GoFundMe account.

Ross said potential benefactors should be careful not to enter a GoFundMe account that falsely purports to be Hodge's.

Producers for the "The Steve Harvey Show" have reached out to Hodge, who was interviewed this week by BBC Radio, but he is otherwise trying to lay low. "He's just trying to focus on the recovery," Ross said.

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"He plans to release an album at the end of September, ironically titled "Mind of a Hero""

A heroic person making an album called The Mind of a Hero is the opposite of ironic. Irony would be him fleeing and making that album


Never met him but have mutual friends. Sadly someone who would risk their lives to help anyone is rare today. He reminds all of us that we have a responsibility to be good human beings.

Concerned Citizen of Bakersfield

Well, just found his music online...while good work at starbucks, he’ll end up working at starbucks if he thinks that nonsense will sell

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