The Fox Theater's "Live Stream Vaccine: The Entertainment Cure" livestream concert series returns this week with Kait Ellis and Word of Mouth.

Ellis, a Los Angeles-based performer, describes her eclectic style as "misty blues, soul, rock n' roll, little gospel, little twang, lotta truth."

Of promoting a show during the week of the election she said she'll have a "helluva lot to say on that mic," writing on Facebook: "We all need some movement & melody to ease this mega (maga?) tension. I’m grateful I have the freedom of Speech & Song. Let’s VOTE to keep that — along with the freedom to Love whom we want, to live HOW we want to, and to have BODILY AUTONOMY ..."

Also performing Friday is Word of Mouth, a local band fronted by Therese Muller and guitarist Ricardo Pacheco.

This week's show, which goes live at 7 p.m. Friday, is presented by Visit Bakersfield.

Since August, the series streams weekly concerts through the 23ABC News app and OTT stream, which is available for smartphones, tablets, televisions with an internet connection, Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick or Apple TV.

Viewers can tip the musicians during the concert. Most performers use the apps CashApp, Venmo or Paypal, and their usernames can be viewed live on the air or in the description of the events on the Fox Theater website.

Revolution Vintage, a vintage clothing space and boutique record label, operates a digital merchandise table for the event at Local artist Chris Borbon collaborated on the designs for some of the merchandise.

The public can also support both the series and Fox Theater with donations, which can be made at