Considering that some events were canceled due to the heat this week, promoters for Tainted Love, the ultimate 1980s cover group, want you to know they have you covered in terms of cool.

In addition to slightly cooler weather Saturday, Scott and Leslie Garrison point out that that the Fox Theater will sell cold beverages and crank the AC harder than an '80s hair band.

“We are simply hoping for a good crowd of great people that love '80s music and a fun night out with friends,” Leslie Garrison said.

It was a great night out that inspired the couple to get into promoting. (By day Leslie is principal of Fruitvale Junior High School and Scott co-owns document-management company Stria.) The Garrisons were inspired after seeing a concert from an '80s cover band out of the Bay Area.

Leslie explained, “We had so much fun at their show that my husband insisted that we share this experience with everyone that we know and love.”

Tainted Love will rock the Fox, performing smash hits such as "Footloose," "Jack & Diane," "Pour Some Sugar on Me," "Like a Virgin," "Back in Black," "867-5309" and, of course, "Tainted Love."

Scott Garrison said of the show: "It's not like a typical concert where you sit through a dozen songs that you don’t know hoping for the two songs that you stand up for. Every song that they perform is a classic. It’s like going to a wedding reception with the best DJ on the planet except this is live music that sounds exactly like the originals."

Unlike other tours featuring older performers, this seven-member group is comprised of talented young artists that simply think the '80s produced the greatest decade of music of all time.

According to Jeff Suburu, the band's lead guitarist, “We really enjoy watching the entire crowd rock out and sing along to some of the best songs ever recorded. Our band feeds off the fan participation and we love to throw down a party.”

Reserved seats are available online at Vallitix or at the Fox box office for $40 plus service fees. A portion of every ticket sold goes back to The Fox Foundation for restoration and maintenance of the historical downtown landmark.