The Black Market Trust will perform at Buck Owens' Crystal Palace Wednesday as part of the Guitar Masters concert series.

The Black Market Trust is just one of those bands that hooks you. It’s a throwback to a bygone era, with modern tones and updated beats that transports you back in time. They are an American traditional pop/vocal jazz group from Los Angeles who combine the sounds of the legendary American crooners and vocal groups with the fire and energy of gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt.

The band's effect on listeners will be palpable when they take the Crystal Palace stage this Wednesday. Anyone who doesn’t have a joyous smile on their faces when hearing this music should schedule some therapy.

Consisting of five world-class musicians who have traveled the globe recording and performing on the world’s biggest stages and with music’s most renowned artists, The Black Market Trust capitalize on their experience and pedigree to deliver a high-energy, crowd-pleasing performance filled with some of the best songs ever written. Add some intricate vocal harmonies, a dash of Rat Pack-style comedy and it’s clear to audiences why they have quickly earned a reputation as one of the premiere live acts performing in music today. Be transported as they meld two distinctly different vibes — one of a gypsy campfire, the other a slick metropolitan nightclub — into a cohesive, stylish sound.

Merging their love of everything from The Mills Brothers to The Beach Boys, Sinatra to Lennon/McCartney, the band began to arrange lead and three-part vocal harmony lines to their favorite Great American Songbook standards.

Vocalist/guitarist Jeffrey Radaich has become known around the world as a first-call player when it comes to gypsy swing. A Southern California native, Jeffrey grew up influenced by rock guitarists Eddie Van Halen, Eric Johnson and Stevie Ray Vaughan. In 2006, he was exposed to the music of Django Reinhardt and immediately fell in love with the style. Since then, Radaich has worked to develop a unique and fiery style of lead guitar that is a synthesis of his lead guitar heroes, with nods to classical composers, blues legends and western swing steel guitar greats.

Rounding out the band is Nick Coventry, who is fast becoming one of the most respected gypsy jazz violinists around, sharing the stage with guitarists John Jorgenson and Gonzalo Bergara, and playing festivals and stages in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, in addition to playing throughout Europe and South Korea. Influenced by the great swing violinist Stephane Grapelli, Coventry continues this violin jazz legacy while drawing on his own musical experiences as a classically trained violist, bluegrass fiddler and explorer of various folk music.

Brian Netzley is one of the most in-demand bassists in today’s gypsy jazz scene. As a former member of The New Hot Club of America, he has gained a reputation as a solid, tasteful and versatile player who is frequently asked to back top European artists when they perform in the United States.

Drummer Brandon Laws is a touring percussionist who maintains a studio in Long Beach. His fresh perspective, dedication and love for the craft has led him to play with multiple artists in many different styles, and he has recorded and performed throughout the United States and abroad. Laws began playing with The Black Market Trust in 2015, providing the pulse and energy to the group’s sound.

The newest member of the band is Kale "Kully" Stiles, a multi-instrumentalist originally from Hawaii who now also calls Southern California his home. A lover of old songs who is always eager to learn a new melody, he has spent considerable time playing and studying Dixieland music in New Orleans. Also the band's youngest member, he’s already made a name for himself performing in eclectic jazz combos and also alongside big name acts such as Jackson Browne, Jack Black, Jeff Bridges and Cheap Trick.

The Black Market Trust has created an organic new sound that is daring, fresh and exciting yet somehow still familiar and inviting. Combining old world romance with new world form, you’ll hear great melodies in a simple, elegant and well defined classic sound. Sounds that would satisfy three generations in any household.

Rick Kreiser is the founder of Guitar Masters concert series.

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