Every semester Cal State Bakersfield puts on what amounts to a miniature music festival, presenting a lot of students performing the work they’ve been working on all term. It’s a great opportunity to see how talented local student musicians are.

Brothers Osborne has a busy holiday season coming up, with the Grammy-nominated country duo hitting tour stops in Scotland, England and Wales before returning to the States in the new year. Among the recently added dates to the tour is a performance April 2 at the Fox Theater.

Aaron Lewis encountered his share of naysayers when he first dipped his toes into country music with his 2011 EP, “Town Line.” As the lead singer of Staind, Lewis was a star on the metal scene, and plenty of people dismissed his foray into country as a vanity project.

In 2017, Dustin Lynch had a career-making hit with “Small Town Boy,” a platinum-selling single that sat atop the country charts for a month. That song followed another chart-topping single, “Seein’ Red,” which was released in advance of his third album, “Current Mood.”

Venturing frequently from their home bases of Santa Barbara and Bakersfield, alt-rock trio Arlington understands the power (and sacrifice) of commuting. Formed out of the ashes of their former outfits — False Puppet and Hello Friday — members Tyler Benko (lead vocals, guitar), Channing Peake…

Over the course of a career that includes 16 years fronting the David Crowder Band and now two albums as a solo artist (released under the name Crowder), David Crowder has gained a reputation as one of the more musically adventurous artists within the Christian music scene.

Dave Mason and Steve Cropper are two undisputed titans in the worlds of rock and soul. Both are members of the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame (Cropper was inducted in 1992 as a member of Booker T. and & M.G.’s and Mason in 2004 as a founding member of Traffic), both were prolific sidemen, pr…

It's only fitting that emerging artists John and James Abrams kick off the 2018-19 season of Live @ The Harvey, the revamped Bakersfield Community Concerts series, which begins Sunday.

This weekend will no doubt be overshadowed by the towering goliath known as Village Fest. Our annual bacchanal where, for one night only, the city’s denizens are allowed to indulge themselves silly — but within reason — in all manner of food and drink for four hours.

If you're in the market for residential property once owned by a Bakersfield country music legend but you found Merle Haggard's 3,600-square-foot abode just a tad too cozy, consider this option.

He lived there less than two years, but to his family, Merle Haggard's home on Brae Burn Drive, four houses down from the Bakersfield Country Club, was the first real tangible evidence that dad was something special. It also meant they could finally be a family again.

Isaiah Morfin is a musician on a mission. Local music fans might recognize the 28-year-old saxophonist from his appearances at shows — sometimes at random — and with his own band, Izzy and the Fins. Whether it was onstage or busking in front of a Target store, Morfin would be there with his …

Warning bells understandably go off when a group is touted as being able to tackle any style of music — rock 'n' roll, roots or secular gospel. It can be like a restaurant with too many dishes on the menu to do any of them well.