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When word got out in 2020 that Koe Wetzel had signed a major label deal with Columbia Records, he heard it from some of his fans who were worried that this would spell the end of Koe Wetzel as they knew him.

ModernDayRome's latest EP, "LOVE, MODERN," is a bold, smoldering release that highlights his evolution as a songwriter and musician from his earlier releases. It does what any true artistic statement of purpose should do: Give the listener a glimpse as to what's going on in the artist's hear…

The New York City-based trio doesn't stay on stage much longer than a half-hour, which on the current tour is enough time to play some of "Dog Whistle," the band's current full-length album, last year's three-song EP "Survive," the new single "Loose Talk," plus a couple of older tunes.

When guitarists/singers Miles Doughty and Kyle McDonald started Slightly Stoopid in 1994, they were out front of a second generation of bands that wanted to build on the reggae-rock sound starting to take hold thanks to the success of groups like Sublime, 311 and, to a lesser extent, No Doubt.

Sacramento-based local musician NineFingers, aka David Tetz, recently released "XLove," an EP that was engineered and recorded by Kyle Appleton at his home studio, NashWest Productions, which has been on a good run lately.

Songwriters often refer to their songs as "their babies." In the case of Glass Animals singer Dave Bayley, he can say his group's hugely popular latest album, "Dreamland," was literally born at a hospital.

Stephen Ewers, aka DJ Sparkle, was an unsung hero of our local music community. He was a respected and accomplished DJ as well as the singer for the groundbreaking band Black Diamond. He did so with very little fanfare and with a workman's-like ethic of getting the job done and done well.