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House of Flowers on 19th Street, owned by Amanda (pictured) and Diana Klawitter, will host a Love Wins workshop for wedding professionals and LGBTQ advocates to discuss inclusivity and same-sex marriages. The event is being organized by wedding photographer Jennifer Williams and wedding planner Therese Dozier.

With businesses across the country, including Bakersfield, making the news for refusing to make cakes or floral arrangements for gay weddings, local wedding industry professionals who are happy to serve LGBTQ couples are meeting for a workshop on inclusivity.

At the Love Wins workshop, to be held on Sunday at House of Flowers, wedding professionals and local LGBT advocates will meet to discuss how businesses like bakeries, flower shops, photography studios and event venues can be more inclusive of same-sex couples going forward. 

Organized by wedding photographer Jennifer Williams and wedding planner Therese Dozier, the workshop will also include Lindsey Impagliazo of Left Coast Design Studio, Stephanie Caughell-Fisher of Gimme Some Sugar, Marsha Walker of The Photoge and Amanda and Diana Klawitter of House of Flowers.

"This workshop isn't about legal advice or laws nor is it a place to debate morality or to be negative," Williams said in a news release. "It is for wedding professionals who say yes, love is love, and want to treat people equally, while also allowing their differences to be celebrated."

Williams said the event isn't open to the public, as it's meant for wedding professionals. It's nearing capacity, she said, but there are still a few spots left for interested businesses. She hopes it will be the first of many workshops like it.

"The workshop is for wedding professionals who want to align with like-minded people who share their passion for inclusion and those who want to show their support, but feel unsure how due to lack of experience," Williams said in an email. "We hope by gathering these like-minded professionals together, we can become a positive resource for LBGTQ couples planning their wedding."

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It seems as though there are a lot of businesses that are willing to serve the LGBTQWTF community. Whatever could be their reason to sue one baker that chooses not to participate......?

Tony Montana

So what you're saying is there are PLENTY of gay wedding professionals, cake bakers etc and nobody need be forced to bake a cake they don't want to. The free market wins yet again. Or is it more about punishing thought crime than baking a cake?

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