For its latest gathering, the Bakersfield Interfaith Group is taking on an extremely social relevant discussion topic. Sunday's event will focus on “A Spiritual Approach to Prejudice and Racism."

The Global Oneness Celebration will feature speakers from many faiths weighing in on the topic: Rabbi Cheryl Rosenstein, Temple Beth El; Rev. Darius Riggins, Cain African Methodist Episcopal Church; Abdullahi Abdurrahman, Bakersfield Islamic Council; Dr. Lanita Barnes of the Baha'i faith; Gene Albitre Native American tradition; Hindu Dhaval Buch; Buddhist Gary Enns; Sikh Nazar Kooner; and Portia Chang, Religious Science.

The first hour will begin with opening remarks from the Rev. Dr. Tim Vivian of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, which is hosting the event. Then each speaker will have six minutes to share perspectives and references to their respective faith’s scripture regarding the topic.

A small group discussion will be held after, with attendees receiving handouts with four to five quotes or excerpts from each respective faith's scripture pertaining to the subject matter.

The celebration will be held from 2 to 4:30 p.m. Sunday in the Grace Hall at St. Paul's, 2216 17th St. 

— Bakersfield Interfaith Group news release