The journey from blissful newlyweds to an old married couple does not happen overnight. Real life begins as soon as the honeymoon ends and couples learn work is required to keep the relationship happy and healthy.

But those growing pains aren't exactly without humor, and Logic Film Company, a new local film outfit, is exploring the funny and the frustrating moments of a still fairly new marriage in a web series called "Honestly Ever After."

The film company is the brainchild of friends and Bakersfield residents Kevin Turner and Kyle Tiner, who are following their love of film and the critique of it to its final logical step and creating their own. After starting just seven months ago, the duo said they're already much further along than they expected to be at this point, with the Logic team hard at work on two projects.

"Our first projects do have a kind of silly, farcical nature to them but it's done in a way with thought put into it," Turner, 36, said.

The filmmakers shot the pilot episode of the web series on Aug. 20 and are preparing to shoot the second episode in early September, with all six episodes debuting around Christmas. "Honestly Ever After" follows a husband and wife just after the honeymoon phase ends, as they learn how to truly live and communicate with each other. Taking inspiration from their own marriages and those of friends, the two said the series will present some of those early marital problems in a way that makes viewers laugh.

"There are situations that are funny to outsiders that are not so funny to the people it's happening to," Tiner, 33, said. "These moments (in the web series), a lot are based on reality."

Logic Film Company's mission is to make smart, quality films, but that doesn't mean they'll shy away from the silly if there's something more relatable beyond the surface. Take, for instance, another of Logic Films' upcoming projects: "Stuck," which tells the story of a husband suffering from constipation and his wife's plan to help him.

It's not the potty humor it might initially sound like, though. It's a wordless short film that originally started as just an exercise until friends encouraged Turner and Tiner to really go for the experimental piece. 

"It's a completely visual representation of a husband and wife dealing with something as nonsensical as constipation," said Turner, who moved to Bakersfield from Los Angeles about 15 years ago.

"Honestly Ever After" is the primary focus at the moment, with "Stuck" likely to be filmed when work on the series is done.

Being in production on two projects within the first year of the company was a bit of a surprise for Turner and Tiner, who met about 15 years ago in a small group at church. 

"It got bigger faster than we thought it would," said Tiner, who was born in Wasco and grew up in Bakersfield. "His timeline and my timeline were way different. I saw where we are now (happening) in maybe five years."

That's encouraging for them, though, because Turner and Tiner want Logic Films to grow beyond its founders. Currently the company has a group of about 10 to 15 people who help out in some way or another; many are friends, but some are strangers who just wanted to be part of the filmmaking. Joining Turner and Tiner to make up the "core four" are art director Orion Martindale and IT director Cory Brozik.

"We wanted to create something that was more than just two guys wanting to make films," Turner said, "something sustainable and lasting."

Seeing plenty of talent in Bakersfield leave the area in pursuit of dreams on the silver or small (often computer) screen, the duo hopes to bring some of the film industry here, where maybe some of that fleeing talent will stay.

Explaining their mission of making "smart, quality films," Turner and Tiner said they want to dig into more than just what's on the surface of a story. With filmmaking more accessible thanks to the Internet, it's easier to make projects but there is also a lot more content competing for views, and the guys at Logic want their work to stand out.

"We want something that's got meaning behind it," Turner said.

"That's thought-provoking," Tiner added.

Another goal for Logic Films is to become self-sustaining, so projects can pay for themselves and Turner and Tiner can pay the people who work on them. For now, though, they'll continue to balance their film schedule with family and work life. Turner teaches eighth-grade English at a local middle school as well as philosophy of education at Point Loma's local campus, and Tiner is a Bakersfield City firefighter.

Right now the main cost for Turner and Tiner is the time it takes to plan, make and edit projects, including time spent away from their wives and children, whom they said have all been supportive of the duo's new company.

Turner and Tiner know they're not the first filmmakers in town and they don't intend to be competitive with the others, saying the styles and stories will be different enough that there will be room for it all.

"There are not other companies doing what we're trying to do," Turner said.

Since Turner and Tiner see Logic Films as a collaborative company, they of course welcome anyone who'd like to join them, in whatever capacity a volunteer can help. Everyone who has wanted to be involved with the company has been able to find a spot, they said, adding that the team is happy to work with a person's skills and talents to figure out how best they can help.

To get involved with Logic Films, or for more information and updates, visit Turner and Tiner know they can't do it alone. Noting that what he was about to say was, perhaps, a little cheesy, Turner went ahead and earnestly laid out another of his hopes for the film company.

"We'd love to be the little darlings of Bakersfield that people embrace and support," Turner said.

Kelly Ardis can be reached at 661-395-7660. Follow her on Twitter at @TBCKellyArdis.

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