Brent Gill

Author and columnist Brent Gill will host a discussion about marketing your book without social media at the Writers of Kern meeting on Saturday.

Whew! You’ve finally published your book! But now you face the daunting task of marketing your work.

These days, it seems that advertising is all about using social media. However, author Brent Gill has some other ideas — lots of them! — about book promotion. And he knows what he’s talking about.

Gill has published and successfully marketed two middle school novels: "Fire on Black Mountain" and "Snow on Black Mountain." He also writes a weekly column for the Porterville Recorder. He will be the guest speaker at the Writers of Kern monthly meeting on Saturday.

During his presentation, titled “How to Market Your Book Without Using Social Media," the audience will learn about proven strategies Gill has successfully employed to both publicize and sell his books. Remarkably, these techniques do not involve the use of social media.

Writers attending this event will learn how to:

• Schedule book signings at various locations, other than bookstores or libraries

• Schedule book signings around high traffic events or celebrations

• Get invitations to speak to service clubs, and other community organizations and groups

• Write an introduction letter that creates excitement and makes them want you!

Attendees will come away from the presentation with fresh ideas about sales, marketing and promotion. They will also be better equipped to recognize unique opportunities for sharing their own work both within and outside their community.

Susan Baker is a member of the Writers of Kern.

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